Adam wilkinson

Why the WWE Needs Stiffer Competition

Every since the WWE, in my mind; went PG I noticed that they really stopped caring. They stopped caring about giving us great storylines to follow and matches to watch. The reason behind this is because they know they have no competition.

Back then when they were in wars against WCW they were trying their best to give us want we wanted. They had to in order to make money and keep people interested. Nowadays they really have no competition, so they don't have that will to put up a good fight. In MY eyes, TNA is no competition to the WWE. The majority of the TNA roster is either old washed up WWE guys or young WWE guys. We've already seen what these guys have had to offer. We know their moves and what they can do and so does WWE, which is why I think they dot necessarily care if any of their guys go there.

Now some of you can agree to disagree with me,that's fine, as many of you feel TNA is competition for the WWE. I personally don't watch TNA thats why I don't feel I would have the right to bash them. But when I used to watch TNA, to me they were not in the league of the WWE.

I think someone needs to come in and give WWE a run for their money. Whether it be another wrestling program or any other show, just something to get Vince and the creative team back to working hard and caring about what we think.

I don't know about you guys but, I don't want to see another tuxedo match or worthless storyline. I want something that's going to make me say "wow" and be proud to be a WWE fan.

I know it's a PG program and it's only so much they can do and say, but it's also only so much we can take as well before we just give up.

so opinions? Is it time for someone to make WWE step up their game?

p.s. credit to RSN user: Pumbaa Zekunt for the blog idea. Thanks P.