Adam wilkinson

How To Book Mr. Anderson If He Came Back To WWE

After seeing a blog about Mr. Anderson potentially returning to the WWE, I decided to do a "what if" blog. Basically, I asked myself, and started turning the gears on how I would book Mr. Anderson if he ever decided to return to the WWE. Even though his run in WWE really didn't produce anything but mid-card mediocrity, his TNA run has netted him a world title run at least, but to the point at hand, how would I book Mr. Anderson if he came back to WWE? Here's how in a few easy steps, so WWE Creative, pay attention please.

1. Mr. Anderson Wins The WWE Championship MITB Match

What better way to re-debut Mr. Anderson than to win the WWE Championship Money In The Bank Ladder Match? Here's how I would go about it: just as Cena is about to grab the briefcase, the lights mysteriously go out, Anderson's music cues, and he's on the ladder with his infamous mic, and knocks an oblivious John Cena out cold, and grabs the case.

2. Irony Strikes Again Either That Night Or At SummerSlam

This can be done one of two ways: First, you can decide to have Mr. Anderson cash in on Punk, just as he beats Daniel Bryan. The lights go out again, and Anderson has Punk set for the Mic Check, and then cashes in the briefcase, thus winning the WWE Championship at the same PPV where Punk's controversial wave of momentum started one year ago. Secondly: Punk beats DB at MITB with AJ screwing over DB, but Anderson decided to hold off cashing in until SummerSlam, and he does not appear on TV until the night of SummerSlam, but as buildup, have cryptic messages towards Punk saying "I'll be cashing in this time for your championship." Since we all know Mr. Anderson/Mr. Kennedy won the MITB match at WrestleMania 23, but was never given his chance to cash in the briefcase, since he was goaded by Edge. SummerSlam night, Punk defeats Cena, the cryptic messages appear again, saying "I'm here to cash in....on you Punk." Anderson hits Punk with a Mic Check, cashes in and wins the WWE Championship.

You then start a heated feud with possibly two of the best mic guys in the sport, and you could throw Cena into that feud when the WWE goes to Boston for Night of Champions if you wanted to, but keep the focus on Mr. Anderson and Punk.