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The AJ Styles You've Never Seen

No, I'm not here to talk about the AJ Styles, Claire, Dixie Carter scandal storyline. No, I'm not here to talk about any gimmick of his that we've never seen. I'm talking about AJ Styles in the WWE.

That's right. AJ Styles. WWE. We've never seen it. Probably never will.

It's a curious thing to wonder about, however. Would he have been a success? Intercontinental Champion? World Champion? It's a shame his career is past his prime and he wouldn't be able to be at his best if he ever went to the WWE in the future.

AJ Styles not only has one of the most entertaining move sets, he's known as a veteran of the ring in TNA. One of the elites. Top dogs.

Styles is one of those people that you know when they enter the ring, you're going to get a great match. Put him up there with the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, and others of that nature. They all have very similar styles(See what I did there?) of wrestling in their arsenal.

Again, I'm very curious to what he could have done if he had sailed ship to the bigger franchise, WWE.

Just one idea I had a couple years ago was for him to feud with the heel Chris Jericho. I would say that it's true that the AJ Styles of TNA is the Chris Jericho of WWE. Remember Daniel Bryan and Punk's matches? They put on an amazing show every time because their wrestling is similar and familiar.

Jericho and Styles both use kicks, flips, jumps, and other high-flying maneuvers without making them look like it takes much effort. Difficult to pull off, but very entertaining to the audience.

Staying on topic of AJ Styles and the side we didn't see, it is still unknown of what WWE could have done with him. If he showed interest a few years ago, the whole WWE could be in a different position now. Punk might never have become WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan could never have gotten over, but other stars could have risen up. May have just sunk to a jobber status and sailed back to TNA, but who knows?

I think he'd do well in the bigger company, but sadly, I think the time has passed for that opportunity. Besides, he seems very loyal to TNA. He's in the main storyline of the company and I don't think he'd like it any other way. Best of luck to him in what he does, despite my opinion of IMPACT Wrestling.

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