Adam wilkinson

Should the WWE Bring Back Goldberg

Reports broke yesterday that Bill Goldberg contacted Brock Lesnar about a possible return to the WWE for a match between the two. Goldberg last wrestled for the WWE in 2004 at Wrestlemania XX against Lesnar. Fans remember that match as a huge disappointment. If Goldberg indeed wants to return, should the WWE bring him back?

The WWE right now is struggling to create new stars that's why they are bringing back stars from the past. Even though Goldberg may not have been on the level of a Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin in terms of wrestling accomplishments, he still was one of the biggest names in wrestling during his career. His return would bring a much needed buzz to the WWE. If Goldberg does return to the WWE, who should he return to face?

Brock Lesnar
A Lesnar vs. Goldberg 2 match perhaps at Wrestlemania 29 could draw a lot of interest from fans. Lesnar is still a popular name and if Goldberg returned he would once again be a big name. These two would certainly want to make up for the train wreck match they had 8 years ago.

John Cena
Love him or hate him, John Cena is a guy that the WWE would have to get in the ring with Goldberg. Cena is the face of the WWE and it wouldn't be good business to have a big name like Goldberg return to the company and not face the face of the company. If built up the right way, a match between Goldberg and Cena could be a very memorable match especially if it happened at Wrestlemania.

Since Ryback debuted he has dominated his opponents. He has drawn comparisons to Goldberg because of the way he has defeated his opponents. However, fans are not taking Ryback seriously because he hasn't beaten or even faced anybody good yet. Goldberg would be the perfect opponent for him to get his first test against. A Ryback victory over Goldberg would validate him as a wrestler and everybody would have to take notice of Ryback.

The Undertaker
This would be the perfect opponent for the Undertaker to face at Wrestlemania 29. It would be two of the most intimidating wrestlers of all-time going face to face at the biggest WWE event of the year. This match would also be intriguing because the Undertaker has never lost at Wrestlemania, but, would the WWE bring Goldberg back to lose in his first match. Another thing is, would the Undertaker be the first person to cleanly beat Goldberg.

In reality, if Goldberg returned he would only return to face Lesnar to make up for the match they had 8 years earlier. It's still nice to dream about the possible opponents that could face the man that is Goldberg.