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Will Mr. Anderson Return to the WWE?

I know I might get a lot of crap for saying it, but I'm a big fan of Mr. Kenned....I mean....Anderson. He's shown solid ring work through TNA and proof of charisma that I think he seemed to lack in the WWE.

If he were interested, I think he would be welcomed back with open arms for one reason. Performance.

Mr. Anderson has been with TNA for a few years now and I'd say he's in his prime. I don't see why he wouldn't want to spend his prime in the WWE, but that's probably not his fault. If WWE were smart, they'd offer him a contract. A high paying one.

He's got the talent to put on a solid show in the ring and I think he could do wonders on Raw, where a person to contradict CM Punk is needed. Bryan is okay to go against Punk, because they put on an amazing match anytime. But everyone can tell when they shut the doors and go home, they're buds.

I'd like to see the kind of feud like it was back in Summer of 2008 or 2009(I forget) when Jericho feuded with HBK. Where it's extremely personal.

Or you could have him in an amazing technical match feud similar to Daniel Bryan/CM Punk, but with Rhodes or Ziggler. I'd enjoy either of those matches, because I know all three men are passionate about the industry and give 110%.

Anderson is a staple of TNA, however, now and that doesn't seem to be on the bookings to change. Though I wish it were, it isn't on the horizon.

Now, now. Don't go telling people that I said he's returning because it doesn't seem he is for a good time. But...If it were to happen, the WWE Universe would be entertained in my opinion.

Sorry for the short blog, but I've been busy lately. Just wanted to get this suggested blog out there.

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