Adam wilkinson

Should WWE Have More Titles?

In previous blog entries, I have often looked back on how the Attitude Era was better than the current era, and how the superstars from then differ or compare to the current RAW or Smackdown rosters today.

We all know the creative side of things has changed dramatically and the whole market which WWE aims at is now PG compared to before, but there's something else which WWE had back then which is missing from today, more championships.

A lot of people on here have commented on how "this guy needs a push" or "put the belt on this guy", but where can they go, and how far realistically can they be pushed?

When Rey Mysterio won the World Title, it in part, was done out of respect of the late great Eddie Guerrero. I know it was Rey's turn to get a push, but if Eddie hadn't passed, would they have given the World Title to Rey? Doubt it. Plus he was in the middle of a feud with Eddie, which, albeit non title related, was getting interesting.

My point is, I couldn't really see Rey Mysterio as World Champion, or WWE Champion, and still can't. He is too small. I'm not saying he has to be 6'6'' and 360lbs or whatever, but a 5'6'' and under 200lb Champion? Couldn't buy into it.

There are a lot of superstars on the roster today who aren't much bigger than Rey, size wise. Unfortunately, I can't see them headlining Wrestlemania either. For that reason, WWE should bring back some titles from the black hole and put these other guys on the map.

A lot of matches on RAW and Smackdown featuring guys considered Cruiserweights are matches for the sake of it, without storyline or direction. I personally think Sin Cara is an excellent high flying wrestler, and I'm sure when Rey does return, he and Sin Cara can tear the roof off any building they want. Why not make it for a title? Give them an incentive, and an incentive other than a pay check, or a pop from the crowd which will be forgotten about when CM Punk shows up later.

WWE Vintage was recently showing the best of the cruiserweights, and I'm sure those of us watching all thought "How do they do that?" and so we should. But high flying wrestling of that cailbur should have been at WM28, not Brodus Clay dancing with old women. (I understand the reason why they pushed Clay, I just used that as an example). A Crusierweight title match could have started WM28 off with a bang, instead of an 18 seconds World Heavyweight Title match.

The European Title has been held by greats such as British Bulldog, HBK, Kurt Angle, and should also be restored. Think of all the guys like Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Ezekiel Jackson, who, instead of putting them in a match for the sake of it, why not try putting them in a storyline? A storyline which leads to being European Champion? That could only aid the push they'd already be getting (and deserving) along more, surely?

Night of Champions is coming up soon, a 2 hour spectacular where every title is on the line. So. What's that, like 6 matches? With how quick some of the matches are lately (e.g. Santino tapping to Del Rio after what, 2 minutes?) 6 matches would not succesfully fill 2 hours. It won't be like a RAW episode where they can fill dead air with Cena rambling or repeats of what went down earlier. They need quality matches to fill those time slots and these two aforementioned titles could really vamp up an average PPV card like that.

Bringing back the Cruiserweight and European titles respecively can only add value to the current WWE. If viewers are bored and want to switch off, they will anyway, regardless. But if WWE works it right and pushes low to mid card guys by giving them these belts, maybe the fans will tune in for longer, who knows? It might just work...