Adam wilkinson

The BFG Series – Who to Look Out For

TNA have just begun their second run at the Bound For Glory Series, a tournament that propelled the careers of its mid-card talent and was an overall success for the company.
The BFG Series is a great concept in that because it is so long, TNA can observe whom the fans are getting behind (Storm, Roode) and whom they’re getting bored of (Crimson) and switch things up at the last minute to make everybody happy.
Well it certainly made me happy. The result gave the TNA main event scene the shot in the arm it so desperately needed and rewarded the talents that have busted their nuts off for the past 10 years.

Now with the Series beginning again, who will TNA look to thrust into the spotlight and, more importantly, which wrestlers will use this tournament to their advantage.

One wrestler I will be looking to make an impact (no pun intended) is Magnus. In spite of his real lackluster start in the company, he’s really come into his own especially since teaming with Samoa Joe. I don’t expect him to win the tournament but I do think this is his best chance to prove that he has what it takes to be a major player.

Another guy I’ll be looking out for is Mr. Anderson who really needs this tournament, as it seems TNA have nothing else for him. His character has become stale, as has his in-ring work, which is a terrible shame for a guy who just exuded potential. Hopefully TNA will use this platform to spring Anderson back into gear.

I also believe that this tournament will be good for Samoa Joe who like Anderson appears to have been forgotten about. Joe is an incredible talent that the crowd absolutely adores even when he’s supposed to be the heel. I truly hope Joe is put back into the title picture, as it’s just been too long without him.

Bully Ray will do well again this year as he stands to be the most formidable heel in the tournament, as will Hardy, RVD and Angle. But the likelihood of any of these winning is just too slim. Despite TNA’s best efforts to push Ray into the main-event scene, he just doesn’t have the star power to pull it off. As for the rest, they have already cemented themselves as top dogs in the company so there’s no need for them to win it.

With all this great talent in the tournament however, I only see two possible outcomes.

One is that TNA will use this competition as a means to place AJ Styles back into the main title picture. I see him getting buried in the early stages only to bring it back right at the end, defy the odds and pull off the big win. Plus, his won everything in the company and TNA appear to like having their number one guy have the best record on the roster so it makes sense from a company standpoint to add this to Styles’ already impressive résumé.

The second and most probable conclusion to this series is for the returning D’Angelo Dinero to win the tournament and go on to become the first black TNA Heavyweight Champion.
It’s a simple viewpoint - TNA needs Dinero to perform well in this tournament to regain some credibility before they are accused of just placing the belt on him because he is black and Dinero needs this tournament to show he is worthy of the title.
I’m not entirely sold on Dinero as a performer but hopefully he will use this tournament to his advantage and put on some stand out matches because it’s always good to see new faces in the main title hunt.