Justin Barr

The WWE has some amazing guys on the roster at the moment that dont seem to get the recognition they deserve and they also have some horrible talent that get regular T.V time. I sometimes think the WWE have it backwards where they think that no so decent guys deserve titles and T.V time to showcase little or no wrestling ability.

Take Santino Marella, now dont get me wrong i sometimes enjoy the comedic side that Santino brings but he does not deserve the amount of showcasing on television, i mean the guy is on either RAW or Smackdown every week sometimes even both, plus he gets matches on PPV that would'nt be worth 5 cents like that stupid tuxedo match against a guy who doesnt even wreslte. To top things off he's the United States Champion, that title in my opinion should be used to show some faith in a mid-card talent and show people that this guy will be a main-eventer in the future not used to make some comedy act look like a serious wrestler because i mean lets face it santino has hardly looked serious in his whole time with WWE and having the US title on him is seriously degrading the title.

On the other side of things there are guys like Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel who get a match on Superstars or NXT every other week or if there lucky they get to job to someone on Smackdown. Its hard for me to watch because they are two amazing talents Tyson Kidd was trained in the Hart Dungeon for crying out loud thats like an automatic stamp saying "hey im an awesome wrestler push me" well at leat you would think so. What about the fact that someone like Cody Rhodes was left out of the Money in The Bank ladder match in favour of Santino i mean how stupid can it get no one expects Santino to win and if you do your either stupid or lying to yourself but in saying that he will probably win the damn thing and become a duel champion.

And what the hell is going on with Zack Ryder, the WWE universe chanted and begged for Ryder to be pushed on T.V and after a few months of fan lobbying and a few words from CM Punk and John Cena and Ryder was getting his push he won the US Title he was being featured heavily on T.V his merchandise was being peddled at every WWE event, the BOOM hes gone he loses the US title he slowly gets pushed to Superstars and now is rarely seen or heard from on WWE T.V, it just doesnt make sense to me why spend a good half of 6 months pushing a guy that aloy of fans wanted to see pushed just to break him back down and throw him into obscurity.

You might think that im just having a good old rant here but i just sometimes cant understand some of the things that the WWE decides to do with thier storylines and how they treat certain talent.
I agree, Santino's champ run has made a total mockery of how prestigeous the US championship is. Atleast they have the IC belt on a guy who deserves it. But I thought that Cody Rhodes losing the belt was FINALLY going to be the start of a push for the WHC or possibly the WWE championship....guess no...
  • June 28, 2012
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Justin Barr
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