Adam wilkinson

Is AJ making CM Punk look weak?

Week after week we have seen AJ help out CM Punk in a match. In my opinion it's making him look weak, it's making it seem as if he can't win a match without her. We all know that's not true but it is something to think about.

CM Punk claims to be "the best in the world", well you can't be with a little psycho chick running around the ring distracting your opponent in order for you to pick up the win.

I don't like where the storyline is going so far as I see that AJ will cost Bryan the match at MITB and Punk will retain, in my eyes looking like a weak champion.

Not so much of a weak champion as in he never wins, because he's won plenty of matches before her its just now with her around it makes him seem like he can't win without her when he really can.

Im no CM Punk fan but I will say he puts up a good fight during his matches, He starts off good then towards the end the bad guy is winning and CM Punk is about to lose. Then all of a sudden you hear "Lets light it up" and you know whose coming. I don't see Bryan getting as easily distracted by AJ as Kane does but she will do something like distract the ref or try to kiss bryan something to that affect and when he turns around BOOM! Punk hits the GTS. The only way he could have done that was with AJ help and thats the part where I start to see him as a weak champion.

Anyway just a thought that popped into my head and I thought I should share it to see if I was the only one thinking this or maybe someone else is to.

So is AJ making CM Punk look weak or No?.

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