Adam wilkinson

Should Big Show win MITB?

WWE is giving Big Show a push as an unstoppable monster. About time too. For too long we've seen Big Show lose in situations where as a fan, you're thinking "That guy shouldn't beat a guy like Big Show". Why has this not been done before? Simple. Because he can't draw as a babyface.

Sounds a bit harsh, but it's true. As a babyface, Big Show was either a curtain jerker or a mid card specialist at best. He was never a main eventer. A few examples of his biggest recent moments as a babyface:

1) Losing to Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania. WWE would never have had Mayweather lose, granted, but as above "That guy shouldn't beat a guy like Big Show"

2) IC Title win over Rhodes at Wrestlemania. Mid card again.

3) Becoming the World Heavyweight Champion after a 9 year absence, finally!! Only to be the shortest reigning World Heavyweight Champ ever.. way to go!!

I'm not knocking the guy, well, maybe a little, but it's all because he's a much better heel by far (as are most of the roster at the moment but that's another story).

Most of his best work has been as a heel, from being the ECW Champion, to his Big Nasty Bastard character which (along with 3 others) headlined Wrestlemania 2000, to his run against the Undetaker in 2009.

Now he's a different heel. WWE tried "Unstoppable Monster" gimmick on a few people first i.e. Tensai when he started and Funkasaurus when he started, which failed because both of them have since lost.

WWE are going on the right track with Show now, he can finally be that machine he's always wanted to be. Yes, he did lose to Cena at No Way Out, but they pulled it off by having 5 guys stop him.

As much as it's noted that his bullying character contradicts the Be A Star campaign WWE has right now, the character works for Big Show. He's getting more of a reaction now than he has in I don't know how long, maybe even ever.

Which is why they should have him win Money in the Bank, but with a twist. Why not have Show be the first to win, only to lose when cashing it in? A good idea could be that he still does the walking aroung doing what he wants gimmick, but with the briefcase, he can stalk the champ, whomever it may be, and he could interfere in their matches. Or sit at ringside tapping the case as if he will cash it in, only he choses not to. The fans would love that and it would certainly only add to his heel persona. Assuming of course he cashes it at a big PPV like Rumble or Survivor Series, instead of only on RAW or Smackdown or something.

Now, the reason he has lost most of the matches above, is because he currently is the best in WWE at putting others over. We all know about his time as ECW Champ where he wanted to lose to then rising star C M Punk to make him look good in the Elimination Chamber, only to have his idea shot down by Vince. He is good at putting others over, let's face it, the OMG moment where Cena had both Show and Edge on his shoulders was probably Show's idea, so let him put over whoever the Champ will be at the time.

Nobody has lost since cashing it in, and that is getting a little too predictable now, so maybe it's time they got the MITB winner to lose, so why not the guy who loves losing? Big Show. It'll put the Champ over and put the heel Big Show in the main event again where he belongs.

Plus, if nothing else, it stops Cena being in the title picture again, for a while anyway....