Adam wilkinson

Why the RAW MITB Will be the Worst Match Ever

So as announced last night on RAW, the RAW MITB ladder match will only feature former WWE champions and they are Jericho, Cena, Big Show and Kane.

Could WWE get anymore piteous? I mean this match is destined for failure. I understand they want PPV buys but come on! ONLY former WWE champions? What about the younger talent? This is THIER match and should focus only on them.

In my eyes, the only opponent worth being in this match and I'm sure you agree is Jericho. Cena is stale and won't do anything exciting. Big Show is too big to do anything exciting as we will see him get tired after throwing one punch. Kane will basically be the jobber in this match, taking hits from everyone. Jericho is the only one worthy as he is the only one that can do high risk moves but it won't be exciting as he is the only man doing this.

I don't see Kane or Jericho winning this match. I see Cena or Big Show winning, and im going to explain why Jericho should be the one to win.

Jericho is a veteran at this type of thing, as he mentioned he created the match and I think WWE should finally let him win. If Jericho was to win I see him holding the case for about a month since his contract ends in about six months and WWE would have him have a run at the title before he leaves. Of course that will not happen as the WWE wants the man below, who I'm about to talk about; to win the match.

Cena, on the other hand; has no experience or business in this match. He is going to get beat up the first five minutes of the match sit in a corner and some how come back, beat everyone up and climb the ladder and come out the next night, cut a promo and claim he did a hard job blah blah blah.

This match is going to be long and boring. I would rather much see Hornswoggle going for the briefcase than Cena, Show and Kane. This match is supposed to help younger talent get over, not push them back. The mid-carders already have no tv time and now just to take away their only match to shine is just ridiculous, just plain out absurd.

This match will be the laughing stalk of the century, not as in "hahaha" but of how horrible its going to be. you wanna know why it's going to be so horrible? well i'll tell you why.

One, because they're going to have a giant in a ring struggling to climb up a ladder that he only needs to climb two rungs up to win, but he'll be fighting for his life just to climb two steps.

Two, the match will be too predictable as you only have four guys.

Three, within the first ten minutes of the match everyone will be worn out as they are getting up in their years, Cena's young but still gets worn out so easily.

Four, NO EXCITEMENT! I keep stating this because it's the truth. There's only going to be one little blonde headed guy doing all the work, trynna jump off ladders and do high risk why the other three just stand in awe. Just standing there thinking "Wow, I wish I could do that" well new flash you can't! Because you're a giant and will kill anyone you land on, you're a freak that no one wants to see go up top and well, do we ever see anything new and exciting from the other guy?.

Jericho should win this match but he's not since WWE wants Cena to feud for the title at SummerSlam. Then theres talk about Show feuding with Punk at SummerSlam as well. So expect to see one of these two win.

Well, WWE really outsmarted us this time, just when we thought that PPV's couldn't get anymore doltish, they come through with a match like this.

Yes i'll be tuning in to watch this despicable match, and yes I do critique ALOT of WWE's decisions, but only because I do love the product and hope to be apart of it someday, but things like this makes me lose the little hope I have left.

I'm done talking about this deplorable
match. Opinions?