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Is Christian's Career Coming to a Close?

Whether you recognize him as Captain Charisma or Christian Cage, this enigma of the ring is aging and he's spiraled down since his World Heavyweight Championship picture a year ago.

Whether it was when he teamed with Edge to form the funniest tag team of the decade and one of the best in-ring performing teams, to when he took on a bodyguard of Tyson Tomko and won multiple singles championships, most prominently the Intercontinental Championship, Christian proves he's been a great part of the WWE.

But that's only one side of this man.

Then he entered TNA, where he had quite a bit of success. He captured the TNA World Championship, something very few people in the company have done, seeing as they have kept the same stars since the beginning in a sense.

TNA didn't hold onto him forever.

He returned to WWE's revival show of ECW in early 2009. He captured the ECW Championship from Jack Swagger and soon was brought over to Smackdown by Teddy Long. There, he seemed to become one of the top faces of the B Show.

In 2011, Christian became a heel to Randy Orton, the World Heavyweight Champion. He begged and begged and begged and begged, week after week after week after week, for months about getting "one more match" for the World Championship. He won it and lost it and won it and lost it, until he got caught up in the shuffle.

Now he's the Intercontinental Champion and feuds with one of the fastest rising stars, Cody Rhodes. He's been doing great in-ring, but WWE seems to be slowly dropping him off into his own retirement.

Though he's still as strong a competitor as he was a decade ago, he's certainly not attracting attention anymore and that is evident to WWE's creative team. I give him 3 more years and he retires in a big match against a strong competitor, such as John Cena or Randy Orton at Wrestlemania.

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