Adam wilkinson

Will CM Punk Carry Momentum Through The Summer Months?

Current WWE Champion CM Punk has overcome a lot since once again becoming champion back at Survivor Series last year. And at this year's Money In The Bank, he'll be defending the WWE Championship against a worthy contender in Daniel Bryan, who pinned him in a triple-threat elimination match last night on Raw.

Including the controversial and crazy Diva AJ, whose intentions are unknown to all of us, even after ditching Kane on Raw last night, she has played a pivotal part in helping Punk keep the WWE Championship and momentum in the last month or so.

It was around this point last summer that Punk started his revolt against the WWE, thus "pipe bombing" the major players like Vince McMahon, Triple H, and John Laurinaitis. He has now taken his rightful place as the "Best In The World." So do I think his momentum will continue past MITB and into SummerSlam, I sure do.

It's probably predictable that there is a rumor going around the Internet that John Cena would be facing off against Punk at SummerSlam, and that Cena would become champion that next month at Night of Champions in his hometown of Boston.

Now I'm not denying the rumors that Daniel Bryan should be considered for a WWE Championship run, but I don't think he'll capture the championship on July 15th against Punk. I think he won't win because of that unknown factor....AJ. A Twitter poll asking who AJ's heart should belong to said that her heart should belong to CM Punk, and I think that her winning that battle royal last night, AJ may align herself with the WWE Champion after it's all said and done with. Now I'm not sure if this will be another wrestling match, or if it should be a submission match, but I do know one thing, Punk and Bryan will have one hell of a match come June 15th at Money In The Bank.