Adam wilkinson

Brock Lesnar - Disaster or Draw?

I hear only two opinions of Brock Lesnar since his return in April.

"All he does is complain, it's extremely annoying. His time in WWE came and went and he ruined his chances at another run when he went to UFC."


"Brock Lesnar is awesome! We've been waiting for a force like this to come in and topple WWE and he's done it!"

These are both opinions I must disagree with. He's not bad for business at all. He's great for it. But you see, there's a reason they made him a heel.

Nobody wants to see a guy 6'3", 350 lbs or so be nice to people. It's not realistic. That's why they turned the Big Show. What literal giant do you see that wants to high-five little kids and give them a pleasing match? Exactly.

Brock Lesnar came back and people thought he would destroy John Cena. When that didn't happen, he disappeared. Who knows why.

Now he's going against Triple H at Summerslam and They've got Heyman involved in all this. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more out of this feud than people are expecting.

Maybe Vinny Mac takes Hunter's side and goes in his corner during the match at SS. Maybe Heyman and McMahon get into a brawl at some point in the near future and we see Brock on RAW. Again. Who knows?

Personally, I believe WWE could use Brock better, yes. The way they're using him now makes him look like a large part of the company, and that's something that he's been put in place to do since his return.

Think about this though.

They attempted to make it appear that he would be one of the big names in WWE when he returned. Who do you think of when you think WWE right now? Brock Lesnar wouldn't make the top 10.

It would probably go... 1) John Cena 2) Randy Orton 3) CM Punk 4) Rey Mysterio, and so on and so forth.

Brock could be used better to make him seem extremely dangerous but they're doing something decent with him involving a member of management and lawsuits and stuff. Johnny Ace will no doubt play a part in this rivalry of Lesnar and Hunter's.

Like him or not, Brock makes money. He may not be the reason people spend it, but he certainly receives a lot. The audience doesn't seem to care much, but that's probably because they're asking "Who the heck is Paul Heyman?"

Let's end this off with a statement of what I'm fully trying to say in this blog.

Brock Lesnar is both Disaster and Draw. Draws in the money from the faith WWE has in him, Disaster because simply, nobody cares.

Thanks for reading, friends.

Stay Classy.