Adam wilkinson

Can We Take Ryback Seriously?

I was watching one of Ryback's matches the other day and I just thought to myself " Gosh this is so lame and boring". There was no excitement in the match. Nobody in the audience cared, I don't even think the announcers cared because they were talking about things that happened a week ago.

I mean aren't you guys tired of seeing the same thing over and over again? Week after week? Well I know I am. How does the WWE expect us to take this guy seriously if all he does is come out there pick one guy up toss him around and then pick up the other guy toss him around to then pick them both up march around fall back and then win. Its like watching a John Cena match, you already know what moves he's gonna do.

I hear they are trying to make this guy the next Goldberg. Well this isn't such a good start since he hasn't had time to cut any promos to promote himself, or had a real match. If he does get time to cut a promo I wonder what he's going to say. He's got to make it interesting and worth watching, or else he'll never get another chance again. You know, Ryback didn't have the best mic skills when he was in NXT or the Nexus, but heck; the majority of the locker doesn't and they still get main event spots and championships so why can't he?.

I do believe he will be big, not John Cena big but he will become something. Will he be Goldberg? No. But I do think he will have alot to bring to the table, only time will tell.

I just know for sure that I can't take him seriously until I see him in a decent match. WWE needs to step it up with him before we all give up hope and lose interest.

Any opinions? Is he the next big thing or no?.