Justin Barr

There is a key difference between the tag teams on our screens today and the successful tag teams of the past decade.

A key difference that reassured us of the talent past tag teams had, and promised us an entertaining segment or match every time.

And that difference is due to their relationships with the men we today call legends.

There is no doubting the talent and potential of today’s tag team generation, but there is no guarantee to the WWE Universe that they will entertain us every time they enter the ring.

This is simply because none of them have had any in ring history with truly great wrestlers.

In the past, teams like The Hardy’s were entertaining because the audience knew they were capable of competing with the likes of Edge and Christian and D-Generation X.

The same can be said for Rated-RKO.

Despite their brief World tag titles run and neither of them being great world champions at the time, the audience knew they could still put on a great match.

This is solely because they had been in the ring with the likes of Ric Flair, Triple H and Shawn Michaels on regular occasions throughout their careers.

The likes of The Uso’s, Epico and Primo and The Primetime Players do not have this promise, and unfortunately they may never get their opportunity to be in the ring with such greats.

Or will they?

As well as The Hardy’s and Rated-RKO competing against other great men of their generation, they also competed against great men of past generations as well.

The Hardy’s have previously competed against The Two-man Power Trip, and Rated-RKO first beat Ric Flair and ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper for the World Tag Team Championship.

With this in mind, it’s certainly not too late to see the likes of The Rock n’ Sock Connection compete with Kofi Kingston and R-Truth.

Or the A.P.A. take on Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

Although these match up seem unlikely, and squashes at best, they are possible and could really help place the spotlight back on WWE’s tag team division.

The same idea elevated Evolution at Wrestlemania XX.

Such match ups would also give the current crop of tag team wrestlers valuable experience and give the WWE Universe a certain sense of promise when they watch them wrestle.

It is an extremely unlikely possibility, but one that would certainly increase the WWE Universe attention span of tag team wrestling.

It would also increase the growth and development of the current tag teams on the mic and in the ring.

If one is to compare the tag teams on our screens today and best teams from the past decade, there is one key difference.

But that difference is not due to any lack of talent or potential, instead it is due to the restrictions placed on today’s teams by WWE creative.
Angela Arnold
Todays tag team division is HORRIBLE! its gonna take lots and lots of work to get fans interested back in it like when they had DX and the Hardys hell even miz and morrison were entertaining because they started thhe dirt sheet and whether you liked them or not you still tuned in to see what they ha...
  • June 23, 2012
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Justin Barr
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