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Should WWE Bring Back the Old Tag Team Titles?

Ever have one of those moments where you think about something for so long that it just won't go away? Well, right now is one of those moments for me.

For the longest time, well actually ever since the day the WWE changed the tag team titles I've always thought to myself "well that was a dumb move". I say this, mainly because; the titles should have never been changed in the first place just like both the WWE and Women's title.

When WWE had the older titles, superstars from BOTH brands were being pushed and had a lot of tv time, because at one point it was just about the tag teams. People forget that at one time we were more excited to see new feuds, and things such as the dirtsheet etc and not Cena putting his five moves on everyone.

Now WWE only has one set of tag titles and....THEY ARE HORRIBLE!! Those belts are absolutely atrocious! Those belts look like two huge pennies attacking the person wearing them. Anyway enough about the look and more on to what I mentioned earlier. The older belts were not only giving superstars from both brands more time on tv but also the wait for a title shot wasn't so long either.

As you've noticed with only one set of titles the champs aren't even on both shows half the time like they're supposed to,so the SD roster can have a chance. Then again maybe they are, maybe I'm wrong, I don't watch smackdown enough to notice anything new on there, but whenever I do tune in I never see them.

In my opinion the titles should have never been combined in the first place and most definitely not into those huge pennies. What do you guys think? Should the titles never have been changed? Should WWE bring back the old ones again?

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