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Stinger Splash: WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Review

Stinger Splash: WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Review

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Live From East Rutherford, New Jersey at Izod Center...!

Pre-Show: El Torito def. Hornswoggle

That got crazy enough down the stretch to keep the crowd's attention but they almost lost it early. The match was entertaining for a comedy match with the crowd cheering for much of it. Hopefully it's the end of this rivalry.

Triple Threat Elimination Match. (Cesaro did the deadlift superplex on Swagger and RVD hit an immediate frog splash to eliminate Swagger

Wow What a Pinfall Loved It.

Cesaro def RVD by Neutralizer onto the trash can.

Lots of high energy and yet not too difficult to follow. Cesaro also looked good. The match did more for him than Heyman's promo did. Heyman is just not bringing his A game for new guys. A good opener. **1/2.

Alexander Rusev def RTruth and XWoods.

It was a very predictable matchup that went as we though it would. *

Bad News Barrett def Big E to regain the IC Title.

A competitive matchup and It should have been better if given time. I've no prob in Title change but the title will be wasted for another couple of months with wasting BNB. **

I am not Covering Bstage segments, I'll if they were too good.

The Shield def Evolution, Reigns Speared Batista for the Finish

A heck of a Match, absolutely incredible you have just seen a Classic... The first 6 mins. were slow but they really picked up. The Shield Shined here by showcasing their athleticism,wildness and power. Good to see the veterans putting over the New Age. The Wyatt family encounter was better but just a bit, this was a helluva match. ****1/4.

The replay of Rollins' leap from the crowd was more impressive than the live shot. What a tremendous athlete Rollins is.

The steel cage lowered. A video package aired for the Wyatt/Cena match. Classy Package...!

Bray Wyatt def John Cena

The match would've been better if the Wyatt family and the child did'nt interrupted, I don't think I would have been thrilled with it, but even having the match without the kid singing effects would have been better than this. The match was a 3 on 1 handicap match. That was done to protect Cena. It would have been nice if he could put Cena over clean instead of the Finish. **

Paige def Tamina Snuka

I don't like Paige because I like Emma, Paige is great though, I'd like to see paige vs Emma down the Road. Talk about the match " that was entertaining for the time given. **

The video package started up for Bryan vs. Kane. That's the main event

Daniel Bryan def Kane in an Extreme Rules Match

The fiery table spot was something that I'm sure they're going to hype up as this crazy moment, but was silly to have fire extinguisher sprayed on Kane that it almost took away from the moment. Bryan was the star like usual. His energy is amazing. He always finds ways to put on an entertaining match even when he's working with a guy his mid 40s that is much larger than him. Credit to Kane for busting his ass and putting Bryan over clean like the true pro that Kane is. ***1/2.

Why the hell Kane's music Played when he lost? Because they might do this match again at Payback!

Final Thoughts:

A very entertaining PPV with one Classic, one solid and two above average matches. The undercard delivered for the most part. I appreciate the WWE Championship being in the main event.

Stars of The Night:

Seth Rollins: That leap he did was amazing.

Daniel Bryan: Continues to be the best performer on the show.

Match of the Night:

The Shield vs Evolution.

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