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Family Problems

Family Problems

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We are weeks away from WrestleMania, yet it feels like we have been on the road to Mania since late summer. The buzz had never left Summer Slam. WrestleMania feels secondary this year. The only thing on every fans mind is..."YES!". The push stopped, the replacements entered, yet the chants never died.

This would seem like the perfect scenario for the WWE. They finally have a star that is settling the company on fire. The last guy to do that being Stone Cold Steve Austin. The "Family" must be loving the exposure...only that they don't. What has been a television storyline, that had Bryan positioned as a feeble competitor, rings true to The Family's real feelings on him.

The McMahon's and the the suit and tie wearing Pinocchio don't respect a wrestler such as Bryan. You can hear it clearly through their weekly promos on TV. They barely managed to accept CM Punk over the years as a headliner. CM Punk had an aura of "cool" around him, Bryan does not. Their biggest fear is for the WWE Universe to take complete solace in Bryan and reject the performers they deem as stars. The belief in Stamford must have been that Bryan would fizzle out sometime before the winter. Orton got the title, they clearly wanted to turn the focus onto their guy. Only that, the Bryan chants continued into the winter,till the end of the year and beyond.

Panic instilled, and a call was made to Hollywood. It wasn't The Rock on the other line, it was Drax the Destroyer picking up the phone from some sound stage. So a huge check later, out comes big Dave at the Royal Rumble to cash in his main event match at Mania. The problem, the fans didn't care. Every time The Family tried to shove their prototype down the fans throats, they got more backlash. Daniel Bryan is not cookie-cutter. He's small in stature, not ripped, has a goofy beard, mopey hair, and most of all, looks like an audience member. The Family can't stand that fact. He wasn't their project, he's self-made. The fans embrace Daniel Bryan because he's the closest thing to being one of them. In a world of larger than life characters, Bryan is plain and simple.

In 2014, the people don't want extraordinary, they want real and ordinary. Bryan is a huge star, in the eyes of the paying customers. That is all that should matter. The Family would rather have their wallets get swallowed up, than to admit Bryan is the "Chosen One". They didn't waste money bringing back Batista for publicity, they brought him back to feed their ego. He's their creation, so the fans must love him? They don't, once again The Family hates that. They continued trying to feed their prerogative. By having Pinocchio in the suit attempt to take the spotlight from Bryan at WrestleMania. It failed, again. The fans demand for Bryan to main event has been raucous at the least.

The Family couldn't force upon their plans any further, in fear of their biggest event being hijacked by the Super Dome. Is feeding the ego worth 60 plus thousand booing their main event? They finally decided to bite their tongue and turn Dave "The Guardian of the Galaxy" Batista heel. Next, they finally gave in to giving Daniel Bryan the shot at the title, be it that he defeats Pinocchio that same night. Pinocchio won't win, nor should he. This is Bryan's night, Bryan's Mania, and Bryan's year. It should turn out to be Bryan's decade.

It's come to the point The Family needs to suck it up, swallow their pride, and do what's "Best for Business". What is best for this business is to listen to the paying customer. They are ALWAYS right, even if they really aren't. To keep a business on the rise, is to do what the people desire. For The Family, the problems will solely be about their bruised egos and visions that have been altered. The people have spoken, so The Family should finally stick to doing what's best for their business, and that is start chanting..."YES..YES..YES!".

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