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Unpopular Wrestling Opinions

Unpopular Wrestling Opinions

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Here are Some of the Wrestling Opinions Which are Unpopular... Probably...!

1-Cody Rhodes shouldn't have dropped the Undashing Gimmick as it really added to his character.

2- I always found Owen Hart to be better than Bret Hart.

3-Macho Madness was better than Hulkamania.

4- It was Mr. Kennedy's own damn fault that he got fired from the WWE, not Randy Orton's.

5- It was also Kofi's fault for his own depush, not Randy Orton's.

6-Vince was right to screw Bret Hart and to say that you would've done different as a wrestling promoter would be completely stupid, considering the fact that someone else made off with one of your belts and threw it into the trash on the live airing of the rival company's show.

7-Batista is/was a joke.

8-Alberto Del Rio Is not a World Title material

9. Drew Mcintyre isn't anything Special, He is a jobber but everyone acts like he is the gods gift to wrestling.

10- Cesaro is the 2nd best wrestler in the WWE right now

11- Davey Richards is Overrated.

12- Trish Stratus was Overrated.

13- Emma is Better than Paige.

14- Zack Ryder is not anything Special and boring and annoying with his twitter stuff and stupid songs

15- Cryme Tyme was a damn good tag team and should have held the tag titles.

16- Antonio Cesaro is better than Kassius Ohno by a lot.

17- Dean Ambrose isn't as great a people claim he is. He isn't a technical wrestler, he is a fuckin' brawler.

19- Roddy Piper is the greatest on the mic of all time nobody can work a crowd like the Hot Rod.

20- Dolph Ziggler is a better Wrestler than Randy Orton.

21- Edge was Overrated.

22- The Great Muta is better than half of the Wrestlers in the World at the age of 50.

23- Nigel Mcguiness was on par with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

24- Santino Marella is Actually a very good Wrestler.

25- Hogan's Heel Turn made WCW bigger

26- William Regal was a better Technical wrestler than Kurt Angle

27- Chris Jericho should never have stayed heel once The Rock and Austin left. Had everything he needed to be the new No. 1 babyface of the company.

28- Dolph Ziggler sometimes Oversells, He isn't as good as Shawn.

29- NJPW is the best wrestling company in the world at the moment

30- Brawl For All should have continued to this day.

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