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Rick Wall's Elimination Chamber 2014 predictions

Rick Wall's Elimination Chamber 2014 predictions

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Hey all, I would like to give my short views on this yet seemingly predictable Pay Per View.. a lead up to yet what may be a craptacular Wrestlemania..

Who I think wins: Randy Orton
Who I hope wins: Don't care.

I don't care for who is in this match, I hope we get a strong showing from Antonio Cesaro. I expect John Cena to do a fair few eliminations, Christian will probably be the first guy eliminated. I expect the final four to be Cena, Bryan, Orton and Cesaro, which means I see Christian and Sheamus being the first two eliminated. I expect the last two to be Orton and Bryan.

Who I think wins: Big E
Who I hope wins: Big E

No idea why WWE have put Jack Ssswaggerpuss in this match, there are far more deserving superstars over than the slobbering speech impaired Ssswaggerpuss. I reckon this match will be a ****fest. Hope Big E retains, the IC and US title deserve more attention than what they are given.

Who I think wins: Darren Young
Who I hope wins: Titties O'Neill

Should be a pre show match.. I see Darren picking up the win here, though I hope Titties does. I think with all the attention Darren is getting, that may make WWE put him over Titties.

Who I think wins: New Age Outlaws
Who I hope wins: The Usos

Can the Usos join there family members (including there father Rikishi) in becoming tag team champions? Or will Triple H's buddies pull out a victory over the emerging Usos? If the Usos win, they will join family members Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika), Samu, Yokozuna, Rosey, Roman Reigns, Haku, there father Rikishi and there cousin The Rock in being tag team champions in the WWE. I truly hope the Usos can pull out a victory here and join there legendary family with title gold around there waist.

Who I think wins: Ryaxel
Who I hope wins: The Brotherhood

IF the brothers are to do battle at Wrestlemania, they will break up at EC or the cracks will be shown, if this is to go down expect Curt Axel and his baboon Ryback to pull out a victory, with the Brotherhood starting a new chapter in there WWE careers that leads to them going at it at Wrestlemania.

Who I think wins: The Wyatts
Who I hope wins: No-Contest

THIS needs to happen at Wrestlemania, if Shield breaks up, let it happen at Wrestlemania, it would make the break up feel even more bigger than what it will be at EC. We all know its going to happen, why do it at EC when it could be done at Wrestlemania.. I expect a No Contest and I hope these two groups go to war at Wrestlemania.. This is, to me, a very much anticipated match. I can't wait to see it. Lets just hope WWE lets these two groups go to war at Wrestlemania.

Batista will win this by squashing Alberto del Rio and if this means Alberto leaves the WWE, even better. Here is hoping Batista gives Alberto a ride to hell through the Spanish announce table and that amigo leaves with his tail between his legs.
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