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DDP to the Hall of Fame?

DDP to the Hall of Fame?

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For those of you who are asking yourselves, What credentials does Diamond Dallas Page, the wrestler have to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, I answer you with the easy answer of...NONE!!! I personally think DDP will get in simply because of the popularity of his character and main event status within the WCW brand while it was still a legitimate contender. However anyone who looks deep into Page Joseph Falkinburg they will see a caring, thoughtful and wonderful human being who has helped numerous former athletes and even some current superstars either better their game or come back from personal downfalls.

DDP brought out the DDP Yoga brand with the idea that he could help former athletes who endured high impact sports be able to live a full and prosperous life. I don't think even he thought it would take off the way it has.

Page has received such accolades from the likes of celebrities like comedians Gabriel Iglesias and Ralphie May to MMA fighter Josh Barnett and has helped change the lives of former superstars like Justin Credible, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Shane Helms. Most of the all the support system he has created for former superstar Scott Hall has been nothing short of phenomenal. If you have a chance watch the youtube clip of DDP and Jake calling Hall to bring him in and you will get a glimpse of how real this program can be. If Hall hadn't been contacted by those two, in my opinion he wouldn't be with us here today because it was to the point of being a non stop binge on drugs and alcohol.

DDP Yoga hasn't only helped bring superstars "back from the dead" but he has also helped elongate the careers of some current athletes with the likes of Chris Jericho, Goldust, The Miz, Stevie Richards and even Titus O'Neil.

The best example of Diamond Dallas Pages success comes from a man who was a former military man who was told he would never walk again without assistance. The video depicts this man wearing massive leg braces and even walking with arm crutches making his way slowly but surely through the program and as time goes on you see this immaculate change in his physic and he begins to be able to move on his own. The end result shows him full fledged running down a concrete path and I will be honest the tears were flowing, this man who gave up on life at 47 years old had one person believe in him and no if in much better shape than anyone you know and has completely and utterly changed everything about him.

In closing Page is a roll model for athletes and normal citizens everywhere. Hes willing to go the distant and take a risk on anyone who asks for his help and has proven time and time again that hes a class act and I believe its time we recognize him as a Hall of Famer and let him share his success as an athlete and mentor for old and young athletes everywhere.

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