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Alexander Rusev Fired, Hunico Hired For 5th Role -- Now Playing Bulgarian Brute
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Early reports confirm the release of WWE wrestler scheduled to be called up to main roster, Alexander Rusev.

Our sources confirm that Hunico will now play the part of Rusev going forward. No reports have detailed why the original Rusev received his release, but many rumors are spreading that the original Rusev was in fact the original Sin Cara who departed the WWE last month following his release after a 2 year stint with the company, but those rumors remain unfounded.

Hunico will begin playing the role soon. The WWE has no immediate plans to re-shoot his debut promos as they feel the audience has been condensed now to the point where they won't "see the difference".

Hunico is said to welcome the challenge after filling in for roles as CM Punk, Hornswoggle, The Undertaker, El Torito and abandoning the Heath Slater role due to "work burn out".

More news as we get it!

Source: KayfabeNews

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