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Should Antonio Cesaro Turn Babyface?

Should Antonio Cesaro Turn Babyface?
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For the past couple of weeks, WWE has been teasing an eventual breakup between The Real Americans, which is sad since I think they deserve a run with the Tag Team titles, but it looks like The Real Americans is just gonna be another Awesome Truth. It looks like they're trying to turn Jack Swagger babyface, if anything, I think Cesaro should be the one to turn babyface. Here's how I think it should go down:

We all know that Cesaro will be participating in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match along with Sheamus, Christian, Cena, Orton and Bryan, so at the pay-per-view, have Cesaro get eliminated first by Bryan, and then the next night on Raw, Cesaro asks Swagger where he was last night at the Chamber, Swagger responds and says that Cesaro needs to start taking his own responsibilities. Cesaro tells him that after everything he's done for him, he tells him to start taking his own responsibilities. Cesaro calls himself the leader of The Real Americans, but Swagger says he's not even American and they begin to argue. Zeb Colter gets in the middle of the argument and tries to calm them down. He tells them to forget about the Chamber cause they need to focus on becoming the WWE Tag Team Champions. Later on in the night, Cesaro and Swagger lose their match after Cesaro doesn't break up the pin and they once again begin to argue. Colter gets in the middle, but Cesaro pushes him to the ground. Colter gets furious and slaps Cesaro in the face. Cesaro punches him in the face and walks away as Swagger and Colter are in shock.

The following week on Raw, Cesaro comes out and he says he'd like to issue a public apology to Colter afters punching him in the face the previous week. He says he couldn't control his anger when Colter slapped him in the face and he just wants to forget about what happened. Swagger and Colter come out and they start insulting him and claiming that he is just another illegal immigrant. He says: "How dare you hit a Real American like me?" and he slaps him and says: "How does that feel, huh?" and he slaps him again and yells: "You're a disgrace to this country!" . Zeb then spits in his face and Cesaro goes nuts. He grabs Colter by the collar and he's about to hit him, but Swagger attacks him from behind. Swagger starts laughing and says: "You shouldn't have done that!". Cesaro fights back with uppercuts and punches until he grabs Swagger by the legs and delivers the Cesaro Swing on him about 10 times. He delivers the Neutralizer on Swagger and covers him with the Gadsden flag as Zeb throws a temper tantrum.

After Cesaro turned on Swagger and Colter, it is announced that Cesaro will face Swagger with Zeb Colter in his corner.... at WrestleMania! This would obviously a very enjoyable match and I see Cesaro winning this match to start his babyface push.

Which one of The Real Americans should turn babyface? Antonio Cesaro or Jack Swagger? I would personally prefer Cesaro as he's already super over with the crowd with the Cesaro Swing, but I wanna know what you guys think in the comment section below!

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