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WWError: Who is to blame for this mess?

WWError: Who is to blame for this mess?

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It's no secret that the WWE is finding itself in a bit of a pickle the last couple of weeks and things frankly don't seem to be getting any better. There isn't much need to recap the events that have occurred because we all pretty much know the deal. The fans want Daniel Bryan, Batista is old, Super Thug aka John Cena is as stale as ever, and CM Punk has reportedly quit the WWE with no mention made of him at all through 2 weeks.

Good stuff isn't it? Now let's get real for a minute and take this all in. The WWE is a powerhouse, unmatched by any other wrestling company today. Sure, WWE has declined in popularity and profitability over the past 8 years with minor exceptional ups in between (The introduction of part timers). But let's keep the focus on NOW shall we?

First off, let me say that Daniel Bryan is awesome in my opinion; I think there is no doubt that he should be main eventing WM30 this year. He is the ultimate underdog that Super Thug, err, Cena tried to portray but never could. The Royal Rumble was a disaster from a reactions perspective. Simply put, the crowd was not buying what WWE was feeding them and rightfully so.

This event, at least in part undoubtedly led to CM Punk leaving the company. Now, whether the whole thing is a work or not, time will tell. I think it just might be a work because the timing is odd. Still, let's assume it is 100% legit and he just left WWE high and dry. Punk is right and wrong for what he did. First off, he is still under contract and failing to not own up to his contract are the type of actions a man with questionable values would commit. In my opinion, I would have told WWE: "I'm taking a break after WM30, book me decently until then and I'll consider resigning." He could have defeated HHH and went home right after that. Come July, he could choose whether to renegotiate a new contract, retire, or move on to another company. What I am saying is that he could have at least left in a more honorable fashion. Even if he is really gone, let's face it guys, they all usually come back. The right reasons for him leaving are obvious. He is standing up to creative because of their ineptitude to do things the right way. I have said it to many before, give me the pen and I guarantee a better product. The writing is often lazy, predictable, and complete BS. Punk leaving is a statement for Daniel Bryan as well, another man who deserves better just like Punk. Lately Bryan has been getting some love but we will see where that leads. Never the less, Bryan is a blog for another day.

So to the point: Who is to blame for all of this? Is it creative for being terrible at their jobs and finding no other way to book guys other than what appears to be a reflection of nothing else but backstage politics? Is it HHH as head of creative and part-owner (To a degree) of the company who has been accused of only pushing his friends and muscle heads alike? Or is it the "mastermind" behind the WWE's great standing, Vincent K. McMahon?

Well, honestly they are all to blame, yet I am going to go out on a limb and say most of the blame should be on Vince.

Yes, that's right people.

I blame Vince more than anyone because the man is completely out of touch with his fan base and has been for almost a decade.

He is the owner people!

He runs the show and has final say over everything so please don't get it twisted. I have recently been questioning whether Vince was a wrestling genius or just too damn LUCKY. One could easily argue that if it was not for Hulk Hogan making WWE and Stone Cold saving WWE, we would all be watching WCW or TNA right now. To be fair, the AE was an amazing era not only because of the content but because of the amount of top stars. But I digress, Vince seemingly has an obsession with generally only allowing big muscle heads (Many who lack wrestling skills and true charisma) to be the highlight of their shows (At least lately). He also loves part timers coming in and taking the spot light without basically any question at all. Don't get me wrong, part timers can be good for the WWE. They bring money and at the end of the day, this is first and foremost a business. The business model of today though? The one they currently have right now with these part timers? It's an extremely short sighted one and fans have already gotten sick of the act 2 years in.

Vince's mistakes over the past 3 years are countless, because with just a few of those decisions going the other way, WWE would be in much better shape today and in the future. These part timers won't be here forever and even though they are here now, fans don't want them at the spots they are being booked in.

In conclusion, this is a different era. The new era has already arrived and WWE is late.

Who do you blame for this fiasco and what do you think should be done about it?
Kelvin Mcmeans
if we're gonna be honest, it maybe Vince's fault, but the real blame goes to the so called "fans" & i'll explain why. the majority of the fans don't even know what they want so how can you expect WWE to know? after all, Vince is only giving the fans what he thinks they want to see, but the fans are ...
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