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With the rumored Daniel Bryan-Sheamus match re-match in the books for WrestleMania XXX (30), I decided to analyze the goodm bad and ugly of this possible match.

The Good - Daniel Bryan redeems himself for past failures and puts WrestleMania 28 Loss behind him

The glaringly obvious of doing the rematch puts Daniel Bryan in the position to re-write history and get himself over the Sheamus loss with a win. The best thing to do is to avoid the obvious and predictable outcome of another quick squash match for the sake of revisionist history. The two should have a long match up on the card to raise both their profiles and come out of it looking for the better rather than the worse. Beating Sheamus would be a big mark on the resume of Bryan as he will have defeated a multi-time former World Champion, Royal Rumble Winner and King of the Ring, elevating himself in the process and on the same level of prestige, especially if Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Sheamus can afford the loss if given the opportunity to return to his heel self and parallel the WM 28 match by switching sides, because Daniel Bryan would be ultra-over by Mania time if the WWE doesn't screw it up.

The Bad - Loss of fanbase

What is inevitable for the Daniel Bryan fanbase is a likely title win at WrestleMania 30. Having Sheamus interfere with those plans does more harm than good, if the ultimate goal is to create a full time new main event star in Daniel Bryan. The phrase "strike while the iron is hot" lends itself to this situation. Daniel Bryan is red hot, has the crowd behind him and is arguably the most over star in the company receiving Attitude Era-like receptions day in and day out. It would greatly harm him to tone down what should be his crowning achievement and Redemption story with a title win for a senseless rematch to avenge a 2 year old loss that the majority of WWE fans have long forgotten about. With the WWE short on Main Event level talent and plans already penciled in for the likes of Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk and Randy Orton it appears Daniel Bryan's best fit is the match with Sheamus.

The Ugly - Fans Revolt and turn on Bryan

As is the case when a WWE star becomes too over is the cliche turn from the fans to disown that star in favor of a new underdog to root for in his place. Evident with CM Punk post-"Summer of Punk", WWE fans have a storied reputation with going against the machine when they feel as though their demands are no longer being vilified and instead go the opposite route and root for someone who opposes that stance. If Daniel Bryan were to take the match with Sheamus as opposed to the title match, the fans would surely sour on Bryan and the WWE would be left with another debacle of a wrestling angle leaving them at odds with what to do when a performer fails to reach that acclaim that got them over in the first place. With immediate backlash already at the idea of this rematch, the WWE may lose fans for Bryan already before the match even happens. Where do they go from there?

Finishing Thoughts

I'm torn on which side to go with as I feel no outcome is justified either way. A win over Sheamus, then what? A title win is the more lenient option but the WWE would have to build it up the right way and with Mania being a full 2 months away it will take a consistent 8-12 weeks of booking so the fans don't sour on Daniel Bryan. The WWE hasn't been that committed since the 90's when it comes to wrestling angles and stories.

Just my two pennies...
Steve Carrier
I agree with the "strike while the iron is hot" line.
  • January 25, 2014
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Justin Barr
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