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Last night we got to watch the final episode of Raw before going into one of the four major PPV's of the year, Royal Rumble. So what do we know after last night going into the biggest surprise event of the year?

  • Batista is Back
  • Daniel Bryan is playing Mind Games with the Master
  • CM Punk has gotten a leg up on Kane...For Now...
  • Randy Orton has a paranoia complex (and seems to have a car on stand-by)
  • Batista is Back

Ok, So yes, Batista is Back...This is probably on of the biggest returns in the past year...and maybe the biggest one other than The Rock in the last 5 years. He has returned after fulfilling what he wants to do within the film industry (for now). He has come back , and as he told Randy Orton last night....He's back for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship...and people can just "Deal With It"! Look for him to be a big player over the next 6 months in my opinion.

Daniel Bryan has figured out a way to get inside the mind of someone ( family) that has seemingly been terrorizing superstars for the better part of 6 months, all while using these creepy promos. Our resident Seattle Seahawks fan has managed to get inside the head of Bray Wyatt and get him inside a cage during last weeks Raw. Last night he unveiled his so called "Master Plan" and why he did what he did. But will it cost him this Sunday when he faces Bray one-on-one after attacking him from behind last night?

CM Punk...even after dropping the belt, has not stopped doing what he does best. Being "The Best in the World". After having Stephanie McMahon demanded Kane apologize to CM Punk for what he did to him last week on SmackDown...Kane reluctantly did so. CM Punk also apologized....for essentially could be considered as poking the hornet's nest. After attacking Kane last night following an apology...we know CM Punk has gotten the leg up on Kane...but for how long. Think about how that mask has been appearing in Kane's office lately, and how he is seemingly losing his temper. Yes, he put Punk in as the #1 entry for the Royal Rumble...but will that be enough for Kane to get his revenge. I don't think so.

Randy Orton, what can be said about this man. Seems to have a bit of a paranoia complex going on. Rightfully so after attacking John Cena's father. But even before that....how many times has he asked The Authority to back him up? He just seems to always want someone to watch his back. Could this be because he doesn't trust himself or he doesn't trust The Authority? Yes, he was branded the face of WWE by The Authority, but I can't help but think that there is something else up the sleeves of both Stephanie and Triple H; especially with the returns of people coming in lately.

Which leads back to The Animal being back and he is Still Hungry!
Justin Barr
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