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The long-awaited return of the 6 time world champion to the WWE nears soon. Dave Batista will return as a dominant, powerhouse, but one wonders, what role will he play? Below are a couple of speculations and possibilities of encounters for “The Animal” Batista:

1. John Cena

The last we saw of “The Animal”, he was recently defeated at Over The Limit PPV in 2010 in which he was forced to say, “I quit” forfeiting his WWE Championship Title. Subsequently, Batista was seen on the following episode of RAW in which he opened the show in a wheelchair which resulted in him refusing a qualification match and quitting the company. Storyline wise, it makes perfect sense. Return to demolish the person who created your demise.

2. The Authority

The Authority, made from half of Batista’s former stable members of Evolution, will seemingly have a run-in with their former partner.

a. WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton

Batista and Randy are not strange to one another as they have defended Evolution for two years with each other. Following their break up, the two have feuded for the number one spot as the company’s champion throughout the years and have yet justifiably settled their grudge. One of the reasons why Batista quit (at least storyline wise) was due to the fact that the current General Manager, Bret Hart, requested that he face Randy Orton to qualify for a shot at the WWE Championship post Over the Limit PPV. After Batista refused stating that he was hurt and threatened that he would quit if he was not granted his match, Batista quit the company; placing Randy in the WWE championship match at the Fatal Four Way PPV. Returning to a company only to witness that his longtime enemy has gained the ultimate title of WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Batista may have inkling to change up Orton’s legacy.


i. Fighting
Maybe not immediately, but down the road Batista could be attacked by the “Hounds of Justice”. Why? Why not? Since their conception, the SHIELD’s mission has been to rally themselves against injustice. With sporadic attacks on main event players such as CM Punk, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Kane, and the Undertaker, Batista only aligns right up to the SHIELD’s mission. What is more injustice than a superstar quitting the WWE only to return and try to force himself in the main event; something, Triple H probably isn’t going to easily allow. Including the fact that they are the enforcers of The Authority, this may prove difficult for The Animal.

ii. Joining?
There have been many speculations and rumors regarding the SHIELD’s future as a group. Like all groups, they eventually end; it’s just how and who leaves first that sets the tone of the group’s future. Roman Reigns has been rumored to be leaving to pursue an independent career which suggests that there will be another powerhouse to take his spot. Mason Ryan has been speculated as a person to fill that spot, but what if Batista filled that role instead? Personally, I think Batista’s presence and past accolades would overshadow the other group members, but it is a possibility.

3. Brock Lesnar

Witnessing Brock Lesnar seemingly on the path of dominating anyone in his path of capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he and Batista maybe in for an inevitable collision. The two never met in the Octagon for a MMA contest, but may have to settle who the ultimate wrecking force is in the squared ring is soon. Both men have proven to be devastating wrecking forces who have capitalized on a number of accolades in each of their primes, but who would win now? THEMOTHERFCKNPAIN vs. The Animal!

I can’t wait to see…
Justin Barr
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