Justin Barr

WWE TLC Aired live on pay-per-view
Houston, Texas at Toyota Center.

Kick-Off: Fandango (w/Summer Rae) def. Dolph Ziggler.
I wanted a good match. This wasn't it. I'd like to see more from these two and I assume we will given the finish.

C.M. Punk def. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns in a handicap match. Roman accidently Speared Ambrose
The match was good but not that I expected, The live crowd was into the match so that'd be good. The outcome was Predictable, Reigns spearing Ambrose. I don't like that they are still obviously splitting up the Shield, but if they are going to do it, this was a good way to do so.

AJ Lee def Natalya with a RollUp
With the reports of AJ verbally assaulting Michelle Beadle this past week I thought they might pull the trigger here, especially during that first Sharpshooter, but no. This wasn't a great match, but it wasn't bad either. AJ The Longest Reigning Divas Champion, YaY.

Damien Sandow vs. Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Championship. Langston hit his shoulder tackle and dropped the straps. He hit the Big Ending for the win.
Too Short to be memorable, It felt like just another match rather than a heated battle over the secondary title.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show and Rey Mysterio def. The Real Americans vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel in a four-way for the WWE Tag Team Championship.
Best Match so far, That gone long but Never seems losing my interest. Another Performance by Cody and Goldust, Swagger- Cesaro shined here too. There's plenty of time to start the burn between the brothers so no harm here. The last few minutes were very good so be sure to watch if you can.

R-Truth def Brodus Clay
Monster Heel Brodus, I don't think anyone Cares. This match was awfull

Kofi Kingston def. The Miz
What the hell was that. The Match was nothing more than a filler.A dreadfully boring match which the crowd never seemed be into.

The Wyatt Family def Daniel Bryan
Very entertaining match, especially with Bray yelling at Bryan, but I don't get the finish. They just beat him and that's it? Nothing else? That's lame as hell. The Wyatts are becoming the blue ball act in WWE. They have a great setup, but then the delivery is ultimately weak.

Main Event: John Cena vs Randy Orton For the Undisputed Championship. Randy tied Cena. Cena got the rope undone and brought it with him to the top of the ladder, where he took shots at Orton with it and managed to knock him off the ladder. Cena tried to take the titles down, but Orton grabbed the hanging rope and tried to pull Cena down, which he eventually did, causing Cena to crash very awkwardly into the bottom of a table that was set up in the corner of the ring. Ouch!
Orton went to the top of the ladder and got his hands on the belts while Cena was down. Orton soaked up the moment or something. He undid the title belts and won the match.
Randy Orton defeated John Cena in a TLC match to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

A surprisingly clean finish, which leads me to believe we could see a rematch at WrestleMania. I really hope they come up with something better. They worked really hard and while the match had a couple of hokey moments, it was entertaining. The big bump that Cena took at the end of the match was obviously supposed to be a bigger bump with Cena crashing through the table in the corner, but the ladder slipped out from underneath him and he's lucky he wasn't seriously injured.I am satisfied with that ending. No bullshit swerve, great match, and a clean finish

Final Thoughts:
The matches were good but I expected more, Awesome PPV, Call it a 7.5 of 10


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