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7: Christian vs ADR SummerSlam 2013
Another month, another uninteresting feud for Del Rio, and another stellar PPV performance out of him. I seriously don't get how someone so bland, so boring, and so god damn uninteresting can so goddamn good in the ring. This match was every bit as fun as you'd want it to be. Counters galore, Christian being plucky, Del Rio being an unmitigated dickpocalypse, and a hot finish that works like a charm. This is everything that you could expect from a match between these two, especially Del Rio who is on perhaps the longest streak of great PPV performances of anyone in the world.

6: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton Raw July
The match was awesome, Simply the best they ever had. The Last Spot where Bryan made Randy Tap with a kendo was Amazing.

5: John Cena vs CM Punk No. 1 Contendor for the WWE Championship at WM 29

There were so many incredible moments in the match like Cena busting out the sitout Powerbomb,The piledriver spot by Punk? It was incredible. You don’t see that move on WWE TV anymore for safety reasons, yet Punk pulled it out here. I’m sure he was allowed to do it and it’s a case of him doing anything he has to do in order to win the match. Cena’s hurricanrana was a bit sloppy, but so what? The point is that he tried everything he could to win the match and that move set up the finisher. I love how they built the match up and both guys were booked incredibly strong. Punk lost, but so what? He fought out of every submission. He kicked out of everything Cena did until that final Attitude Adjustment. Even in defeat he was made to look like an all-time great performer because that’s what he is.

4: The Undertaker vs CM Punk at WM 29
The entire match was great, going back and forth between the two Superstars. Punk blocked Undertaker's attempt at his signature move, Old School. Then he proceeded to hit that same move on Taker himself. Punk had himself a WrestleMania moment when he launched himself off the top rope to the outside of the ring and hit Taker, who was lying on the Spanish announce, with an elbow drop. Apparently Punk injured his knee on this move, but finished the match anyway.
Both men traded finishers. In the end, Undertaker hit Punk with a Tombstone Piledriverand Punk, just like 20 other men before him, fell to the Undertaker.

3: Antonio Cesaro vs Sami Zayn, WWE NXT
I was hard pressed to remember a better match in NXT history, especially with the action following the second fall. Both men brought a lot of energy, and the crowd were right to give them a standing ovation at the end. It’s rare to see a match with one spot you have never seen before, but there were at least three in the last quarter of this one show. The best Spot was Zayn diving between the bottom and middle rope, catching Cesaro with a tornado DDT and Cesaro Superplexing him from the bottom rope. Zayn needs to be on the main roster before the turn of the year

2: John Cena vs Daniel Bryan, Summerslam 2013
Daniel Bryan and John Cena brought so much passion, emotion, and story into this one match that it's sort of amazing. Not only does this match follow the story of their current feud of "true" wrestler vs sports entertainer, but it goes on to display so many of Bryan's skills that he's picked up around the world and some of the ones that Cena's picked up in his 10 years in the WWE.These two had a fantastically hellacious match, without going over the top and violent like the Punk/Brock one from earlier. Cena and Bryan busted out new moves and showcased each other's (and their own) talents to the absolute best. Towards the end of the hard fought battle.

1: CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar Summerslam 2013

The phenomenal match that gets better with every minute, every kickout, and every instance of Heyman's interference. From a pure unadulterated storytelling perspective, this is probably one of my favorite matches ever. You have three of the best wrestling performers in the world each doing exactly what they were born to do: Heyman being a sniveling front-runner coward, Brock being a Cro-Magnon blunt object, and Punk playing the ragged underdog clawing and scratching his way to inches of victory against all odds. You even had Brock and Punk both showing off what they'd learned from two of their most crushing defeats – Brock picked up the Three Amigos from Eddie and Punk picked up the Hell's Gate from Undertaker. Last, but certainly not least, they even left something in the tank storytelling-wise for a potential rematch as Punk never got to kick out of the F5 and Brock didn't get to kick out of the GTS as Heyman interfered
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