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We're almost there! The 5th annual TLC pay per view will be closing out the year. I expect a good one ahead of us. Below are some predictions and matches I'd love to see. Lets get to it!

The Miz v Kofi Kingston - Kickoff Match

I really, really, really, really dont wanna see this match again. It seems like the WWE doesnt know what to do with these two as of now. This match is likely to happen again.

Winnner: Kofi Kingston

The Real Americans vs The Usos - Kickoff Match to determine #1 Contenders for the Tag Team championship.

Winners: The Usos

I'd rather see this match again than Miz and Kofi. As of now the Runnels duo doesnt have a match at the TLC ppv. This could be a great way to work the match into the card.

AJ Lee vs Natalya - Diva's Championship

Due to the traded pinfalls for various weeks, we've seen this one coming. Seems like WWE is pretty big on Natalya right now. She can actually pull this one off and take the championship away.

Winner: Natalya

Big E Langston vs Damien Sandow - Intercontinental Championship Table's Match

IMO this should be a Table's match. Due to the recent hardcore variant brawlings Sandow has had I thought that might have been a hint. But no tables were used. Although this is TLC, we need to have matches like these. I see Damien giving a great match with Langston. I dont think he'll pull out a victory though.

Winner: Big E Langston

The Shield vs The Best In The World

Due to the injury to Derrick Rose, CM Punk is the only hometown hero Chicagoans could look up to. The Shield has been really over rated since their debut actually. We've seen these guys in handicapped matches before so I dont expect anything new. I see it going into a DQ win for the Shield.

Winners: The Shield

The Wyatt Family vs Daniel Bryan

You know after the last night, I have some speculation of Daniel Bryan turning heel. Here's how this could happen. You get a decent match here with Punk running out for the save. Daniel then turns on Punk joining the Wyatts. Anything could happen these days in the WWE and that would be a great way to get Daniel Bryan a gimmick change and stop the "YES!" chants.

Winners: No Contest

The Runnels Duo vs The Usos - Ladder match for Tag Team Championship

This match might as well happen. This would give fans some excitement going into the main event. I wouldnt be surprised if other teams are added just like they were at Armageddon 2006. Then again this could just be a regular match or wont happen at all. I dont see the reign ending until the night after the Royal Rumble. I think somewhere in the Rumble Goldust gets eliminated by Cody and becomes jealous and turn on him the night after.

Winners: The Runnels Duo

Randy Orton vs John Cena - TLC match for Unified Championship

Last night on Raw was intense. I love that the rival has been reignited between the two. This time we have two champions and more drama within the rivalry. Cena really hit the nail on the head after cutting that promo on Orton last night. Everything he said was true. Judging off Randy Orton's DVD is the living proof that he was right. John Cena is 1-0 in the TLC match whilst Orton has never been in one. Expect a screwy finish for this one. Orton and Cena both at the top of the Ladder, the lights go out, Cena falls from the ladder, Orton is the winner.

Winner: Randy Orton

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