Justin Barr

There are a few questions coming up towards TLC, wait actually there are tons of questions. WWE needs to do something to boost the product or they will continue to lose viewers.

It's no surprise with recent shows that viewers are starting to get angry, seriously did you see MizTV on Raw? Skits that break characters kill any story going on. This leads to my first superstar.

The Miz- is he a heel now? Is he really a worse wrestler than Michael Stahan? Wasn't he supposed to become a bad guy after his turn like actions against Kofi? So they need to clarify this, make some sort of meaning of his direction.

Big E and Mark Henry- these two will make for a decent upper mid card storyline. Don't just pair them up as a tag team. Have Henry mentor Langston. Maybe bring in Titus O'Neil too. He's good on the mic to be the mouth of their group. Have Titus take the US title from Ambrose. This would make for a powerful face staple.

Ziggler/Sandow- what is the purpose of putting these two in gimmick matches? Just to put them in another gimmick match for TLC? Atleast have something to gain from a win, maybe a #1 contender spot for some title?

Big Show- he's off tv for now, that's a positive. When he comes back it would be nice to see Big Johnny come back with him, People Power Return!

Title Matches- Big E needs a new challenger. Dean Ambrose hasn't defended his title in awhile. Who is the #1 contender for the tag titles this week, Primo and Epico come back yet? AJ will lose her title to one of the Total Divas cast(which contradicts raw storylines?).

Title Unification- this isn't going to end well. I know I've been calling for this for quite some time but this isn't how I wanted it to happen. Knowing WWE they are gonna have both belts hanging, but Orton will grab one and Cena the other. Hence extending this rivalry.......ugh

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