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Rick Wall's Survivor Series 2013 Predictions

Hey all this won't be long because I rarely watch wrestling as it is, doesn't mean I can't discuss it though, so here we go..

Who I see winning: The Miz

Who I hope wins: The Miz

There is no reason for Kofi Kingston to win especially with The Miz just turning heel.

Who I see winning: Total Divas

Who I hope wins: Non-Total Divas

Where is Layla? That's the one question I have to ask. I was surprised to see Layla not be included in this match-up, which leaves that question I asked, where is Layla? As for who I see winning, I see this match not being predictable what-so-ever, I see Total Divas winning due to how hard WWE is pushing these girls and the show. Though I would rather see the non-TD girls win, I'm just glad that Kaitlyn is finally being used for once and not forgotten.

Who I see winning: The Internet Darlings

Who I hope wins: The Internet Darlings

I see the Internet Darlings win this battle especially over Rowan and Harper, though I could also see this match going to a no-contest just so the feud can continue, I don't think this feud is over yet and won't finish at Survivor Series..

Who I see winning: Team Rey Mysterio

Who I hope wins: Team Rey Mysterio

There is no point in Shield and Real Americans winning this match.. Also keep an eye on Rey Mysterio, the big question is on him, whether or not he can go through the entire match without getting hurt.

Who I see winning: Randy Orton by DQ

Who I hope wins: Randy Orton

I don't see any point in Big Show winning the title, not yet or until AFTER Wrestlemania 30. I wouldn't be surprised to see Randy Orton have a long reign with the title either and possibly lose it to John Cena in a Unification match for both championships at Wrestlemania 30.

Who I see winning: John Cena

Who I hope wins: John Cena

And here is hoping that this is the last title shot Alberto del Rio gets for awhile. Enough already. He has participated in 10 to 12 World title matches in pay per view's this year alone, enough is enough, time for someone else to have a shot at becoming World champion, even though I don't see Cena losing the title possibly until AFTER Wrestlemania 30.. Yes people, as I predicted on October 9th, I see John Cena and Randy Orton battling it out for the unified of the World Heavyweight championship and the WWE Heavyweight championship at Wrestlemania 30.

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