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I figured that I could make a blog that isn't as argumentative or detail-oriented, but just fun. Hence...

Wrestling Needs To...

1) Stop not having Cody Rhodes wear knee pads!!!
-There should be no reason why a grown man's knees should be this bony!!!! His leg muscles are "Only Smoke & Mirrors!"

A. While we're on the subject, somebody teach Antonio Cesaro what to and what not to wear. WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE!?

2) Stop Having Big Show Crying
-Stop making this 7 foot giant cry! This man punches people with one hand for a living!

3) Stop suggesting the WWE App Michael Cole!
-I'm getting tired of your s***! Pushing social media like a mad man! Making people vote for fixed polls!

4)Stop with the Dumb*** Finishing moves
-I Know Wrestling when I see it and this ain't it!

Aka FingerPoke of Doom (See what I did there?)

Really...while people are hitting Pedigrees and Tombstones and Attitude Adjustments, you invest in a neck pull????

Lol, so are we going to ignore the fact that in any other situation (outside, backstage, on a chair), this would hurt Big E...So we're just going to ignore that he lets people fall ON TOP of him!?

5) Stop Big E's Titties+ Wedgie Combo
-Somebody tell this man you don't set yourself up with a haircut like this, have titties, AND have a forever Wedgie.
There's no reason why a dude should have ass like that

6) Stop the bad acting
-Tryouts for Young and the Restless, lol

I've got a message for ya------->

7)Stop Not Showing AJ
-DON'T WITHHOLD HER FINENESS!!!!!! She should be in the Main Event competing against John Cena!


9)Stop the Barber that cuts Big E Langston and Bully Rays Hair
-6 figure salary and you STILL can't find the right barber!??

10) Stop having Brodus Clay Jiggle
-It's nasty and I lose my apetitie!

11) Stop not fixing that gap between Kofi Kingston's chest
-Seriously, in the words of The Hurricane, "What's up with that!?"

12) Stop the Mark Henry Gimmick!
-Create the Mark Henry Rick Ross Edition

13)Stop preventing Teddy Long from making tag-team matches!
-Holla Holla Holla

14) Stop Paul Heyman's hairline from receding anymore
-It's worst than Lebron James!

In this picture, you can find Heyman picking up the fallen pieces of hair lol

and lastly....

15) STOP Christian

*Balls up fist and shakes in anger* Damn you Christian DAMMMMMNNN YOU and your NO CHARISMA!!! YOU GET NO 1 MORE MATCH!

And remember, if you disagree...
Hard Ace
I got one..

STOP Alberto del Rio being in the World Heavyweight title picture.. He's been in it for too long..
  • November 15, 2013
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Justin Barr
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