Adam wilkinson

Why Impact Wrestling Is Improving

I know someone on here wrote a similar blog to the one I'm about to write now and I actually liked the idea so I decided to write my own version of this blog.

Since Bound For Glory, TNA has been putting a lot of effort by having some great matches including Bully Ray vs AJ Styles and Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle. The AJ Styles "leaving the company with the title" story-line is very interesting and having him defend it in other companies is smart booking. To the people who are comparing this to the CM Punk/John Cena story-line in 2011, It's nothing like it. Yeah, Punk left the WWE with the title, but he didn't defend it in other companies (because obviously WWE won't allow that) like AJ Styles is doing right now. The Bobby Roode/Kurt Angle story-line is just amazing and they have been having some excellent back and forth promos (and matches).

As for Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson, I don't think anybody expected Ken Anderson to return as his contract with TNA had expired and they removed him from the TNA website and I think Anderson plays the baby-face role so much better than the heel role. Aces & Eights definitely had all the fans fooled this week on Impact when they took off their kutte and walked out on Bully, only to come back and attack Mr. Anderson since we all thought they were gonna split sooner rather than later. Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson at Turning Point should be interesting at Turning Point with the stipulation of that if Anderson must leave TNA if he loses and that Aces & Eights must disband if Bully loses and given the fact that it is a No DQ match.

Bad Influence have been doing great lately and are probably one of the best things going in TNA right now. These guys are just absolute gold and they really know how to make someone laugh. One of my favorite segments involving them was the EGO Hall of Fame Induction and the video package they aired for Bobby Roode was hilarious. I honestly don't know why these guys aren't the Tag Team Champions right now instead of BroMans...

The video packages hyping up Ethan Carter's debut were very well done and having him debut at TNA's version of WrestleMania was smart booking. I like how TNA is starting off slowly with Ethan Carter by having him beat local athletes rather than just push him to the top right when he debuts like they did with Desmond Wolfe. Also, having him as Dixie Carter's nephew is gonna have him gain a lot of heat from the crowd.

The tournament to determine the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion looks very interesting and makes me wonder who is gonna win it as there are so many choices. I'm looking forward to see AJ Styles returning with his own version of the TNA World Title and challenging the winner of the tournament (Hopefully Magnus) in a Unification match.

Now that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff (who was part of the creative team) are officially gone from TNA, they are finally focusing on the younger talents such as Chris Sabin, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries and others, which is awesome!

Do you think TNA Impact has improved? I honestly think it has improved as I have gone back to watching TNA once again after taking a brief hiatus from it back in 2011 and 2012. Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!