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Is The Undertaker the Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time

Is The Undertaker the Greatest WWE Wrestler of All Time
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The Undertaker is the genesis of perfection. Just the sole word has a different connotation than any other when regarding professional sports. Teams strive for perfection as well as players. The Undertaker has captured the essence of perfection and made it the true existence of his character.

In the conversations regarding the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, the Undertaker's name is always mentioned near the top of that list. However, to most fans, critics and analysts of professional wrestling, the Undertaker never tops that list. Next to the glamor and glitz of such names as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock and Hollywood Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker quietly performed for over two decades as possibly the biggest draw in the history of the WWE. While Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair may be considered the two best in-ring specialists, and the trio of Austin, The Rock and Hulk Hogan being considered the biggest draws in the industry, the Undertaker eclipses all five in those aspects over his two-decade long career in the WWE.

It may be controversial to say that the Undertaker eclipses the legendary Ric Flair in in-ring proficiency and that he drew more money than Stone Cold Steve Austin. The longevity of his tenure and his status as a main event draw throughout the entirety of his tenure definitely put credence in the notion that he is the very best. Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock drew a ridiculous amount of revenue for the WWE during the late '90s after they were pushed to super stardom. Their feud can be considered a top-five feud in annals of WWE history. However, their tenures on top were nowhere near the Undertaker's longevity as a main-event star.

The Undertaker has actually consistently been the biggest draw in the company at the tail end of his career. Many people consider his epic matches with Shawn Michaels and Triple H at the last four Wrestlemania events to have been the main drawing points despite bigger mainstream matches that included The Rock's involvement. Undertaker has headlined the last six Wrestlemania events, with his epic matches with the two degenerates and his two title matches against Edge and Batista.

His versatility and his ability to evolve his gimmick over time and stay fresh has contributed to his longevity and his ability to draw money for the company for twenty two years. In terms of in-ring performance, the Undertaker may not be as technically sound as Shawn Michaels or Ric Flair, but he is one of the best storytellers in the ring. Technicality is not everything, The Undertaker is the best storyteller in the history of the WWE. His facial expressions and ability to use ring psychology and momentum shifts keep crowds on edge during his matches. The Phenom isn't only a staple of World Wrestling Entertainment, but he is a staple for the industry's biggest event of all-time. Without the Undertaker, WrestleMania wouldn't be the same.

A man with all the respect and legendary tales more than anyone in World Wrestling Entertainment, he has made WrestleMania his playground and true legacy. There is no doubt that the industry is changing, but the fact that Undertaker appeals to both old school fans and current fans while still putting on 5-Star matches at this point in his career is a testament to his value and his appeal. Now that his career is dwindling, the moment is opportune to recognize the Deadman as the greatest wrestler in the History of WWE. The Debate Continues, Lets See Where it Goes.

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