Justin Barr

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were both targets of The Wyatt Family on WWE programming recently. So, are these two events purely random or are they connected and is it leading to a match at Survivor Series?

I have to say that I for one was pleasantly surprised by these two attacks. I tend to see these things coming from a mile away.But not this time.And at first glance, it does not seem to make much sense that Bray would lead his family against arguably WWE's two most popular Superstars. After all, The Wyatts have had no heat with either Bryan or Punk and there has been nothing to change that recently.However, the attacks happened all the same and now fans are left with more questions than answers. Did someone order Bray Wyatt to destroy Punk and Bryan? Who is behind this?

The first suspect is the most obvious one. Triple H has made it his mission to stop Daniel Bryan from ever truly becoming WWE champion and having a legitimate title run. He has thrown everything at Daniel in order to get his way, including The Shield, Big Show and even a referee on the take.The Game has of course also had problems in the past with CM Punk. Punk was the first one to give Hunter a problem back in 2011 when Vince McMahon was taken off TV and The Game took over. The two eventually worked a match that year to settle their differences but the truth is that heels in WWE tend to have a long term memory.So, perhaps it was Triple H who painted the target on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.Of course, someone else could always be behind this mayhem. Paul Heyman did call himself Satan back at Hell in a Cell and Bray claimed that "the devil made me do it," in reference to the attacks on Bryan and Punk. Maybe the evil genius himself will return to WWE programming as the mastermind behind this angle.But right now that is all speculation. For all we know, Bray acted of his own accord and The Wyatt Family did what they did simply because they wanted to. And if that is indeed the case, then it certainly makes this storyline a lot less complicated.But it does not end the possibility that we will see a match involving these Superstars at Survivor Series. And if you're Bray Wyatt, you have to be pretty happy about it.The fact is that Bray and his family came in with more buzz than anyone fans had seen in quite some time.

The vignettes that ran on TV did nothing but tease fans and cause the buzz around this trio to grow by leaps and bounds with each passing week.When they finally did debut on the main roster, Bray, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper all three delivered on every level. They not only looked the part, they sounded the part as well. They brought the creepy every time they were on camera and for fans it was all well worth the wait.But since that time, many fans feel that The Wyatt Family has cooled off. Call it fan familiarity with the gimmick, call it weak booking, call it what you will. The fact remains that they did seem to lose some of their impact from the time they debuted until now.However that has all changed now. Because rubbing shoulders with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan puts Bray and the family into a whole new stratosphere for fans. To be seen with them and possibly even work a program with them will put The Wyatts back on the map and back into the conversation for fans.
Justin Barr
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