Adam wilkinson

Buried And Losing-Learn The Difference

I really need to write this because there are people that seem to not understand the difference between getting buried and losing. All I have read from people from Monday was how Damien Sandow got "buried" by John Cena. He was definitely not buried.

The term buried means getting put into a match against a top star in a five to no more than ten minute match. This is so the top star will look stronger against their opponent heading into a big match. The star will also dominate his opponent the whole match, letting the opponent have no momentum. The match will also have no effect on the top star's opponent's career.

Losing is a different meaning. This is where a great amount of people in the Internet Wrestling Community get confused. Getting put into a ten (maybe more) minute match, where both you and your opponent are going back and forth, and the lesser known star doesn't get the win, that is called losing. Daniel Bryan was not or is getting buried from the matches he had with Randy Orton. He is actually being put over by being in a story line with the McMahons and Orton.

Damien Sandow did not get buried by John Cena. He was the Money In The Bank holder for the World Heavyweight Championship. He was put into a promo with John Cena. Instead of leaving the ring, Sandow attacked John Cena. Notice how John Cena did not get a chance to fight back. After the attack, Sandow cashed in his contract. Him and John Cena were going at it for some time. Damien Sandow had Cena for a lot of the time in that match, he even put the STF on Cena trying to tap him out. That is not being buried. That is just losing.

Damien Sandow was in a World Heavyweight Championship match with John Cena. He was the Money In The Bank holder for three months. He tried to cash it in on a top star who just came back from an injury. It may not have been the outcome that you wanted to see, but he does get a rematch (only if WWE will follow their own rules) and will definitely want to come back for more. Not enough people know Damien Sandow. They need to get him more over before giving him the World Heavyweight Championship. Everyone was getting tired of seeing Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan was in the WWE title picture, CM Punk is taking a well needed break from the title picture. The only person that can bring some interest back into is John Cena, whether you like it or not. This is just the beginning for Damien Sandow.