Adam wilkinson

WWE Survivor Series 2013 Match Card Predictions

It's that time of the year again, the Survivor Series is upon us. After a good Hell in a Cell pay per view, new feuds have been established. From Bryan/Punk vs the Wyatts to Sandow and Cena, the next chapter awaits us at Survivor Series. Here are my thoughts on what may be the final card for the pay per view.

Dean Ambrose vs Big E Langston - United States Championship
We've seen a babyface turn from Big E a few weeks ago. Due to an injury from Curtis Axel, Langston is now working a feud with The Shield's, Dean Ambrose. Big E has 2 wins over the cocky superstar, but not yet the championship. This third time could be a charm for Langston. I see him finally winning this after The Big Ending becoming the new US Champion.

Winner: Big E Langston

Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman vs Ryback - Intercontinental Championship
I dont know if Im the only one who sees this, but this could actually be the next thing for Ryback. He has yet to hold a title in the WWE and what better place to start than holding the Intercontinental Championship. Hopefully we've seen his resurrected feud with Punk come to an end on Raw last night. I see a face turn coming for Ryback and the "Feed Me More!" chants returning.

Winner: Ryback

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio vs Damien Sandow - World Heavyweight Championship

We sure as hell hasnt seen the end of Damien Sandow. He put up a hell of a match on Monday against John Cena. After unsucessfully cashing in his briefcase, this might leave him tumbling back down to a jobber. Cena vs Del Rio is just plain boring IMO. I really dont see Damien forgetting about losing, he'll definitely be back to dish out some more punishment. He's definitely a force to be reckoned with. As for the winner of the match, John Cena.

Winner: John Cena

AJ Lee vs Tamina - Divas Championship - Lumberjill Match
Another turn I'd love to see. Tamina is just way too good to be stuck body guarding AJ Lee. AJ Lee does have an impressive reign going on but it's slowly coming to an end. Tamina is ready for the championship, she brings that dominance to the diva's division. I think it'll be "Best for Business"
Winner: Tamina

The Wyatt Family and Kane vs Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The Miz, Kofi Kingston - 4 on 4 Elimination Match

As we saw on Raw last night, both Bryan and Punk were the latest targets of the Wyatt family. Kane basically confirmed his heel turn when he offered his services to Stephanie McMahon. This will be a match to get the bigger guys over imo. We all know Daniel and CM Punk are fighters and wont back down from a challenge but I dont see them coming out on top. Daniel might just be the sole survivor of the team but it wont be enough to tople this bizarre pair of superstars. Speed is in favor of the smaller guys though.

Winner: Wyatts and Kane

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs The Real Americans vs Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Los Matadores vs The Primetime Players vs Tons of Funk vs 3MB - Tag Team invitational gauntlet match for the Tag Team championship
There is a chance this WONT happen but it could. This match would work like the Dudley's Table Invitational from No Mercy 2000. 2 teams to start, Tornado rules, the match ends when one team is last team standing. It could be exciting to watch this match go on. It will also give all the teams that either job, or doesnt get TV time some exposure. This would be the ppv debut for the Matadores and it wont make sense for them to lose so this might not happen.

P.S. I see the Goldust turn coming at Royal Rumble if he's eliminated by Cody Rhodes. He'll turn on him shortly after.

Winners: Cody and Goldust

Randy Orton vs The Big Show - WWE Championship
Saw this match coming for a while now. The crowd is really behind Show and his KO punch. With recent attacks on Orton that is reason enough why these two should settle it in an official match. But like all of Orton's championship matches, this will be a screw job aswell.

Winner: Randy Orton