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Daniel Bryan was put into multiple matches with Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Daniel Bryan's victories led him to getting stripped of the WWE title. At Hell In A Cell, Daniel Bryan was superkicked by Shawn Michaels, letting Randy Orton get the win and become the new WWE Champion. We do not know how much this will play out, but this is my idea for Daniel Bryan's road to WrestleMania 30.

Daniel Bryan is put out of the WWE for about two to three months due to an injury. The Royal Rumble comes, and the first return of the night, about mid way through is Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan starts to eliminate the other wrestlers with a big crowd reaction. Then at number 30, a returning Sheamus. Sheamus and Daniel Bryan are the final two in the Royal Rumble. These two go at it for about ten to fifteen minutes before Daniel Bryan eliminates Sheamus and wins his first ever Royal Rumble.

The night after WrestleMania comes, and the current WWE Champion (because we obviously don't know who the champion will be) cuts a promo and the World Heavyweight Champion comes out. They both start talking back and forth about Daniel Bryan. The main event comes later that night, and the WWE Champion wins the match. After the match, Daniel Bryan's music plays but he doesn't come out. He is found by the cameras running through the crowd, and he attacks the WWE Champion, and he points to the WrestleMania sign.

The two have a strong build up for WrestleMania. There are attacks after attacks, and good promos from both stars leading up to 'Mania. WrestleMania finally comes and the two are in a twenty to thirty minute match, cover after cover. Daniel Bryan hits the diving head butt and puts his opponent in the "Yes!" Lock and makes him tap out to become the new WWE Champion.

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