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The Undertaker vs Kane-The Final Chapter

I have been thinking of this for a little bit of time now. This is what my idea of how the WWE should retire Kane and The Undertaker. Just remember three things before reading; 1. This is at no particular Wrestlemania 2. Kane is a monster again in this story line 3. If The Streak would end (which I hope does not), it should be by Kane. Here is THE UNDERTAKER vs KANE-THE FINAL CHAPTER.

The night after WWE TLC in December, the WWE Champion at the time retains their title. The general manager does not like who the current WWE champion is. They come out and announce that the Big Red Monster will face him at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.

The Royal Rumble comes and Kane destroys his opponent and becomes the new WWE champion. Just one month after the pay per view, he defends it in the Elimination Chamber and retains. The night after Elimination Chamber, he cuts a promo saying that he has been burned, buried, and he was even in a limo when it went crashing into a semi trailer, and he still lived. He mentions his past life with The Undertaker and his parents. Just a minute into him talking about the past, the lights go off. The Undertaker makes his return.

The Undertaker mentions that they have dealt with each other many times before, and that Kane has had a challenge from him, he still has never beaten him at his home, which is WrestleMania. The Undertaker challenges Kane to a WWE Championship match. Kane accepts.

Kane becomes so obsessed with breaking The Streak, that he tells The Undertaker that he wants to face him, and the loser must leave the WWE. The Undertaker says that him and Kane have both left a path of destruction. He tells him that if one of them has to leave, then it must be in a Buried Alive match, and the loser must leave no matter what the circumstances are. They both agree to the challenge.

This story line keeps going further and further into detail about what happened in the past with their house burning down, and what role Paul Bearer had with them.

WrestleMania comes and Kane buries The Undertaker alive to retain the WWE title. He is so badly injured that he can hardly move. The Money In The Bank holder for the WWE Championship comes out and cashes in on Kane. The general manager comes out and says that the loser at WrestleMania must leave the WWE, because that is what they both agreed to and Kane did lose his WWE title. The manager fires Kane. To end the show, there is a tribute video of The Undertaker and Kane on the big screen.

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