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WrestleMania 30 Custom Match Card

WrestleMania 30 is coming up in a couple of months and it will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. So to honor 30 Years of WrestleMania, I will give you guys my Custom WrestleMania 30 Match Card:

1. Curtis Axel (c) vs Tyson Kidd (Intercontinental Championship Kickoff Match): A lot of people are gonna be confused here... "What the hell are you talking about? Curtis Axel sucks, Take the belt off him!" Well, I think Curtis Axel should hold on to the Intercontinental Championship a bit longer to make the title more prestige and talk about how he is just as a great Intercontinental Champion as his father. Tyson Kidd comes out and says that Axel should shut up and stop using his father to make people like him. Tyson Kidd says: "Yeah sure, I was trained in the Hart Dungeon, but I don't go around everywhere telling people that I was trained in the Hart Dungeon. That is just pathetic." Curtis Axel responds and says that Tyson Kidd is not even a Hart and that he only pretends to be one and so on... Tyson Kidd says that if Curtis Axel thinks he is that great, then he should put his IC Title on the line against him. Curtis Axel says that he isn't worth of an IC Title shot and leaves the ring. Tyson Kidd attacks Axel and he ends up accepting the challenge. This should be a very good match between these two as we've seen these guys put on solid matches on NXT last year. I think Tyson Kidd is gonna be the man to put an end to Curtis Axel's IC Title reign..

Prediction: Tyson Kidd

2. The Shield vs The Wyatt Family (All The Gold match): At the TLC PPV, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns challenge Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a Ladder match for the Tag Team titles. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns end up winning the Tag Team Titles, thus making Goldust take a brief hiatus. The following night on RAW, Ambrose (Still US Champion), Rollins and Reigns celebrate their victory, but are interrupted by non-other than The Wyatt Family! The Wyatt's surround the ring and they end up attacking The Shield. Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail on Dean Ambrose and cuts a promo on how the new Face of Fear will begin at WrestleMania because they are gonna face The Shield in a six man tag team for All The Gold. Expecting for Bray Wyatt to come out to a huge ovation as he is technically billed from Louisiana. I see The Wyatt Family winning this match and winning all the titles.

Prediction: The Wyatt Family

3. Cody Rhodes vs Goldust: As I mentioned above, I see Cody Rhodes and Goldust dropping the titles to The Shield at the TLC PPV and for Goldust to take a brief hiatus from WWE. Goldust returns in March and just as he was about to hug his brother Cody (who was in the ring), Goldust kicked him in the gut and hit the Curtain Call, leaving the announcers and the crowd shocked and turning Goldust heel in the process. The next week on RAW, Goldust explains his actions and he says that he was The Golden Child in The Rhodes Family and that Dusty looked up to him more than he did to Cody. Cody Rhodes, very angry, comes out and beats the hell out of Goldust and holds the microphone and says: "I may not be the oldest brother in The Rhodes Family, but I'm certainly the best and I will prove it at WrestleMania when I beat you, Brother vs Brother!" I think these two will end up stealing the show and we might possibly hear "This Is Awesome" chants from the Louisiana crowd.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes

4. Ryback vs Brock Lesnar: I see Brock Lesnar returning the night after the Royal Rumble and having a stare down with Ryback only for Lesnar to deliver an F5 to Ryback! I see Ryback turning face and turning on Paul Heyman and challenges Brock Lesnar to a fight at WrestleMania 30. This should be an alright match between these two big guys and I see Paul Heyman interfering in the match and distracting Ryback as Brock Lesnar delivers an F5 for the 3 count.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar

5. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels: At the Hell in a Cell PPV, Shawn Michaels will referee a Hell in a Cell match between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan for the Vacant WWE Championship. During the match, Randy Orton gets in Shawn Michaels' face and starts trash talking him. Shawn Michaels gets pissed off and attempts the Sweet Chin Music on Randy Orton, but Orton ducks and hits Daniel Bryan instead! Shawn Michaels is shocked and is forced to count the pinfall and Randy Orton ends up winning the WWE Championship. Triple H comes out the next night on RAW and thanks Shawn Michaels telling him that he did what's best for business, but Shawn comes out and says that the Superkick on Bryan wasn't on purpose and that there is no way he is gonna be a part of "The Authority". Triple H tells Michaels that he was the guy who led him to success and there would be no HBK if it wasn't for Triple H. Shawn Michaels then says that he was the one who made Triple H become a popular wrestler and he wouldn't even be with the company if he never married Stephanie McMahon. Vince McMahon's music hits and gets a huge ovation from the crowd! Vince says that he gave Triple H full responsibility of the company and he turned into a gigantic mess. Vince says Triple H can't go around firing people left and right and he announces a Traditional 5 on 5 tag team match at Survivor Series where Team Triple H goes up against Team HBK. Team HBK will end up winning the match. Triple H comes out the following night on RAW and will say that Team HBK's victory was a fluke and that he can't beat Triple H in a match because Shawn Michaels is already retired. Shawn Michaels comes out and says that he is gonna give what the fans want... One More Match at WrestleMania! Shawn says that he will come out of retirement and he challenges Triple H to a match at WrestleMania 30 and the stipulation is if Shawn wins, Triple H loses his job as COO and Shawn Michaels takes full control of WWE! This should be a classical match as we've seen these two guys battle out in the past.

Prediction: Triple H

6. The Undertaker vs John Cena: At the Royal Rumble, John Cena and CM Punk are the last remaining competitors and they battle it out for 10 minutes before CM Punk hits a Go To Sleep on Cena and throws him off the top rope and wins the Rumble. The next night on RAW, Cena says that he may have not won the Royal Rumble, but he has another goal in mind. His goal is to end The Undertaker's 21-0 WrestleMania Streak and he challenges The Undertaker to a match. The Undertaker accepts and he says that John Cena will be another victim and that he will remain undefeated at WrestleMania. This should be a decent match between these two and I see this being Taker's last match and I see him retiring the following night on RAW undefeated at WrestleMania.

Prediction: The Undertaker

7. Randy Orton vs CM Punk (WWE Championship Match): At the Royal Rumble, CM Punk makes his triumphant return to WWE after recovering from injuries and gets his revenge on Ryback. As I mentioned above, I see CM Punk and John Cena being the last two remaining competitors and CM Punk will end up winning the Rumble by hitting a GTS on Cena and throwing him over the top rope. The next night on RAW, CM Punk comes out and celebrates his victory and says that his dreams will finally come true: He will main event WrestleMania. CM Punk says that he isn't gonna wait till Elimination Chamber and that he will reveal who he chooses to face at WrestleMania. CM Punk chooses to face the WWE Champion, Randy Orton! CM Punk wants his revenge on Randy Orton after he cost him the World Heavyweight Title a few years ago and he also wants his revenge from WrestleMania 27, where Randy Orton beat CM Punk. Randy Orton comes out and says that he has already beaten CM Punk and declines the challenge. Randy Orton tries to convince CM Punk to go after the World Heavyweight Championship instead and he tries to get inside CM Punk's head, but CM Punk refuses and says that he will face Randy Orton for the WWE Title whether he likes it or not. Randy Orton attempts an RKO, but CM Punk reverses and attempts a GTS, but Orton escapes with the WWE Title. CM Punk then gets up on the turnbuckle and points at the WrestleMania sign. This match should be very exciting as it would be CM Punk's first time ever to main event WrestleMania and I see CM Punk defeating Randy Orton and winning the WWE Championship for the third consecutive time.

Prediction: CM Punk

What is your WrestleMania 30 Match Card? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

NOTE: I did not add in a World Heavyweight Championship match because I was unsure who would be the World Heavyweight Championship by that time and I had a hard time thinking about it so I left it out...