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If there is one thing missing currently from WWE programming more than anything else, its unpredictability.
For example, it was predictable that Cody Rhodes and Goldust would beat the Shield at and get their jobs back with WWE, because Cody was never really fired.

It was also extremely predictable that HBK would be picked as the Special Referee in the Hell in a Cell match between Bryan and Orton.

Predictably, Big Show knocked HHH out on RAW. That was the loudest cheer I think Big Show has ever received!

I could go on and on. One thing about predictability, it is also boring. Not as boring as Randy “I have no charisma” Orton, but close. A lot of the current feuds are heading that way now. There is only so many times that I can stomach watching Orton and Bryan, hence why I think they’ve brought HBK in. Usos and The Shield, before Cody and Goldie came along, was getting repetitive. Why they kept getting number one contenders only to lose anyway is beyond me. I would have loved to have seen Prime Time Players get their title shot, or even Real Americans.

The main feud which is beyond boring, in my opinion, is C M Punk against Paul Heyman. I know it’s technically changed due to the inclusion of Ryback, but the basis of it is still the same, i.e. Punk vs. Heyman, Punk vs. Someone and Heyman. This feud in my view has gone on enough now; hopefully it will finish at Hell in a Cell.

For a start, C M Punk has been in the mid to high card long enough. This feud will never Main Event any decent PPV, due to Heyman not being an active wrestler. If you look at who they have brought into the feud, Curtis Axel and Ryback, C M Punk has had to carry this feud on his shoulders, but even he can’t drag it out of the mid card. The matches he has had with them have been 5 star matches, due to how good Punk is.

So I ask - is it time for another Pipebomb?

C M Punk needs to be back in the main event picture, in particular the WWE Title picture. This holding the title in abeyance thing is totally ridiculous, by the way, and now is the time to bring Punk back into the fold.

Punk has not been in a Title match since January, despite being the most popular superstar on the roster. You listen to the pop he gets when his music hits. The only person who gets the same, or nearly the same, response is Bryan. The WWE Universe wants him back in the title picture, and there is no reason why he shouldn't.

A certain Superstar is coming back from injury at Hell in a Cell, and is straight back into a title match. Straight away. Now, we have all read the rumours on here that Del Rio will attack him before the match so he doesn't compete, but if he comes back at Hell in a Cell or later, he’ll still be in a title feud when he returns. But where is Punk? Still in the same feud which has been ongoing since his Wrestlemania defeat to Undertaker.

How could they put him back into the Main Event? In my opinion, a Pipebomb. Have Orton beat Bryan at Hell in a Cell, then get Punk on the mic at the next night’s RAW tearing Orton and HHH a new on verbally, like only he can.

Punk could be the man to bring this regime down. This McMahon “Best for Business” era will have to end at some point, if not due to other storylines taking over or Steph selling so much more of her stock that’s she’s got no one left, either way, it will have to end somewhere, so why not have Punk, the People’s favourite, be the one to end it?

Fans have been calling for Bryan and Punk to headline PPVs forever. But how about having them work together? I can just see the crowd reaction as either Punk or Bryan’s music hits to cue the entrance of one of them to assist the other in an Orton beat down. They would eat it up. Plus, that can then lead on to a feud between them, almost Hogan and Savage Wrestlemania V style. Mega Powers not quite, but Mega Favourites.

I could be totally wrong, I more than likely am, it does happen, but I do think that this Main Event storyline with Bryan, HHH, Orton and Big Show needs shaking up before more ratings drop. In my opinion, only one person can do that, and he’s not the one telling children to Never Give Up…
Sam Sager II
While I understand where your coming from with this, I also don't see it being a good idea. Punks original pipebomb was done to get him over becuase nothing he'd tried prior had worked the way he wanted it to. He's now over he doesn't need the pipebomb I see how it would help ratings but honestly on...
  • October 17, 2013
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Justin Barr
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