Adam wilkinson

Submission Corner: Seth Rollins

If there is one person in the WWE right now that has passion for this business it is the one and only Seth Rollins. He started his career in 2005 when he was doing indie shows under the name, Gixx. After a year of doing the indies he sat in the stands during Wrestlemania 22 and was quoted as saying that what he was witnessing would be the last time he witnesses it as a fan. Those words alone give great passion and determination for anyone to show their talent and believe in themselves (see what I did there?). Within a years time of uttering those strong words he moved on to Ring of Honor. In ROH he held his own as Tyler Black and was definitely not afraid to be extreme. He became a two time ROH tag team champion and a 1 time ROH World Champion. His goal to getting to a Wrestlemania was one step closer when he finally was signed to the developmental FCW (currently NXT) in 2010. In FCW/NXT he battled his way through with multiple championships just as he did in ROH. In FCW he won the FCW tag team titles as well as the FCW World Title. He even had feuds with current partner Dean Ambrose. Clearly his passion and talent was being rewarded.

In July 2012 was Mr. Rollins last step to making it to the big stage of WWE and being on RAW by becoming the first ever NXT champion. Seth was able to debut in the WWE the best way anyone could debut, on a PPV. During the Survivor Series of 2012 I remember watching the PPV and waiting for something big to happen in the triple threat main event between Ryback vs WWE champion and best in the world CM Punk and the face of the WWE John Cena. Along with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, Seth debuted in one of the best trios in the WWE: The Shield.

The Shield claims to be the leaders of injustice and that justice must be served. In their debut match, at the TLC PPV nonetheless, they defeated Team Hell No and Ryback. This started Seth's winning roll and he continued to dominate and win match after match with the shield. Finally Seth was able to achieve the goal he said back in 2006, he debuted at Wrestlemania 29 with his Shield counterparts to take on Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus. After beating 3 of the biggest names in the industry today, what else was their for Seth to achieve? Gold. After Rollins and fellow Shield members decimated the Undertaker he went on to becoming one half of the tag team champions with Reigns by defeating Team Hell No at Extreme Rules in May. At 147 days, Seth has now cemented history by becoming one half of the 5th most consecutive day reigns of a WWE Tag Team Champion. What is next for this superstar who once tweeted me by answering my question to him saying that the one person he would want to face in a WWE ring (alive or deceased) was Chris Benoit? I smell the intercontinental title and eventually the WWE title.