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BTB: Two championships to be unified at Wrestlemania 30?

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This has been on my mind for quite some time, well since yesterday actually, ever since WWE announced John Cena was returning at Hell in a Cell to face Alberto del Rio for the World Heavyweight championship and it's been riding on my mind since then but what if, what if this is all a part of what may happen in the near future..

Let's face it, the WWE loves John Cena and they have warmed up again towards Randy Orton, I remember back a few years ago, there was so much promise and so much potential in these two superstars that it seemed in time their careers would collide and it has, both having competed against one another many times over the past few years.. but what if, at Wrestlemania XXX, something big is about to go down.. Vince McMahon has wanted to highlight John Cena as the face of WWE and has wanted Cena to have that special moment that will be remembered for years to come, now not long ago my thought was, The Streak.

What better way to be remembered than being the man to end The Streak? Or even being a part of such an historic part of Wrestlemania history.. But I can see that John Cena's Wrestlemania plans will not be involving Undertaker (or will it?).. People seemingly are afraid of seeing that match go down for the simple fact that they're scared that Cena could possibly be the one to finally finish such a legendary part of Wrestlemania..

What I actually see happening is this, at Hell in a Cell whose to say John Cena won't be the one to end Alberto del Rio's crappy reign? And whose to say down the road, Randy Orton won't recapture the WWE championship? Now imagine this.. Forget the Royal Rumble, forget Damien Sandow's Money in the Bank contract, because seemingly WWE has..

What if, at Wrestlemania XXX, we get WWE champion Randy Orton versus World champion, John Cena in a match that would unify both championships..

Now I know some people would hate the thought of that, just because eh it's another Cena being main event deal type of match and I know so many fans would much rather see the unification match to be between internet darlings CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, but the chances of that actually happening is slim to none, especially with Vince's mindset of loving big muscled up guys and the thought of Cena vs. Orton would probably make the Chairman.. You know what, that part is a bit rude and I won't include it in this blog, as much as I'd love to.. Anyhow let's just say Vince would get his jollies off over such a match-up and with the importance of the World championship seemingly dying a slow and painful death like TNA, it could give more reason for WWE to unify both titles once and for all and end the World Heavyweight championship once and for all on a high.

John Cena's Wrestlemania plans I believe would either be battling Randy Orton, either for the WWE or World or both championships OR challenging The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak.. I don't see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or any one else in the WWE championship picture; I just got that hunch that Wrestlemania XXX, Vince will go all out and in his mindset, going all out would be putting John Cena (World champion) vs. Randy Orton (WWE champion).

What happens to Damien Sandow's MITB briefcase, you ask? He can cash it in any time BEFORE the next Money in the Bank Pay Per View comes along.. I don't expect Sandow to cash it in any time soon, unless he does it at Hell in a Cell, if not, I don't expect Sandow to cash it in until AFTER Wrestlemania 30.

Where does the Royal Rumble winner come into this? A good question in itself but I wouldn't be surprised IF for once the winner gets shafted, it would be the first time since 1993, but again, would any one be surprised? I think a few would be.. Unless.. John Cena loses at HIAC, wins the Rumble, defeats whomever World champion is at the next Pay Per View (Elimination Chamber) and then goes up against Randy Orton, who will probably be WWE champion, at Wrestlemania XXX.

So many huge possibilities could be played in this.. Some fans are going to hate it, some fans are going to take it with open arms.. I think, whatever the case, Wrestlemania XXX would be the perfect time for BOTH championships to unify, especially now that there is only ONE roster and not two.

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