Adam wilkinson

Is Shawn Michaels "Best For Business"

Last night at Raw (October 8, 2013), it was announced that the WWE universe would be able to control who would be the special guest referee for the Hell in a Cell main event WWE championship match; Randy Orton v Daniel Bryan.

1st, Booker T is revealed as option #1
2nd, Bob Backlund is revealed as option #2
3rd, Shawn Michaels is revealed as option #3

After a drumroll, the vote revealed 32 percent for Bob, and 7 percent for Booker, & 61 percent for Michaels.

With Shawn Michaels thrown into the mix, the inevitable question is, "Is Shawn Good for Business"?

As we've seen in the past, especially in their careers, Shawn Michaels and Triple H have constantly flipped back and firtg between friend and enemy. The lastest disagreement/conflict that they had was that of Triple going against The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar; to which Shawn believed that he could be neither (and ultimately he didn't). Now, it seems as though the two have been out at opposite sides once more in that Triple H backs Randy and Shawn backs Daniel (bring a former student of his).

The following questions remain:

1) Will we see Triple H try to talk/intimidate/threaten Shawn in the bearing weeks to persuade him to make the "right decision" for business?

2) Will we see Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton attempt to either persuade Shawn in either giving them an advantage or ruling fairly?

3) Will Big Show play a role in affecting the outcome? As we've seen last night, due to his abrupt firing and assault on the COO of the WWE, maybe he will be bribed to return back to his job by ensuring what's "best for business".

4) Ultimately, what will Shawn do? Will he screw over the underdog and ensure what's "best for business", will he favor his former protege to ensure justice, will he play it fair, and especially, like seen last night, will he get KNOCKED THE F*** OUT by Big Show?