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WWE Battleground Predictions

As you all know, I did a WWE Battleground Match Card w/Predictions a few weeks ago. Now that the whole matches are announced, I'm gonna give you my predictions:

1. Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow (Kickoff match): It's pretty disappointing that Ziggler is now relegated to the pre-show now.. The guy was on top of the world and the crowd went nuts when he won the World Title and look at him now... Nonetheless, This should be a good match between these two and I see Ziggler going over Sandow.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

2. R-Truth vs Curtis Axel (c) (IC Championship match): Let's be honest here... I think nobody cares about this match myself included. I would love to see Crazy R-Truth from 2011 come back, but that sadly won't happen anytime soon. Axel should retain with the Hangman Neckbreaker.

Prediction: Curtis Axel

3. Brie Bella vs AJ Lee (c) (Divas Championship match): I was disappointed that Natalya didn't get the spot since she has been teasing a feud with AJ for several weeks, but oh well... I see Brie Bella winning here as she is engaged to the top guy in WWE and they would obviously give her the title.

Prediction: Brie Bella

4. Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston: As we all saw, Bray Wyatt came after Kofi Kingston's match with Fandango and cut a promo about victims and that he must put them all down. Kofi would then tweet out that he isn't afraid of Bray Wyatt, thus furthering their feud. This is Bray Wyatt's rivalry since feuding with Kane (thank god) and i'm really glad that they are using him... Bray Wyatt should defeat Kingston to continue his momentum and for Kane to come back and "follow the buzzards."

Prediction: Bray Wyatt

5. Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Rob Van Dam (Battleground Hardcore Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship): This match should be alright and it should be better than their match at Night of Champions. I really hope they use trash cans cause they used to always do that in ECW and it wouldn't make sense not to... During the match, Ricardo throws RVD a chair to go for the Van Terminator off the top rope, but Ricardo says he wants to take a shot at Del Rio first with the chair... only for Ricardo to hit RVD with a chair, leaving the commentators and the crowd shocked. Del Rio goes for the cover and picks up the victory. Ricardo hugs Del Rio and raises his hand, revealing that he was working with Del Rio all this time. I think this could be a perfect way to take RVD off TV and perhaps have RVD return a couple months later to get his revenge on Del Rio.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio

6. Ryback (with Paul Heyman) vs CM Punk: It's pretty ironic that a year ago, Punk and Ryback were feuding with Heyman as Punk's manager, and a year later it's reversed. Another thing I find weird is that Ryback aligned himself with Paul Heyman, even though Paul Heyman cost him the WWE Championship twice. The match itself should be decent and I wouldn't be surprised if Ryback won with some kind of help from Heyman as I see this feud continuing onto Survivor Series.

Prediction: Ryback

7. The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs The Rhodes Brothers: This match should be very interesting as the stipulation for this match is that if The Rhodes win, they get their jobs back and if they lose, they will never be able to work for WWE again and Dusty will lose his job as a NXT trainer. This should actually be a pretty good match as we've seen Cody and Goldust put on great matches with Orton a few weeks ago. I see The Rhodes Brothers winning to get their jobs back with WWE.

Predictions: The Rhodes Brothers

8. Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan for the Vacated WWE Championship: At Night of Champions, Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship after hitting the Busaiku Knee Kick on Orton and the referee attempting a fast 3 count. The next night on RAW, Triple H would strip Daniel Bryan off the WWE Championship, but however he would not give the title back to Randy Orton. I find this storyline to be so awesome as Triple H plays the heel corporate guy very well and he really knows how to make the crowd boo him. Adding Brie Bella into the mix is a nice touch as well since she is Bryan's fiancee in real life. I see this match ending in a draw with Randy Orton performing a superplex on Bryan and both men pinning each other at the same time with both of their shoulders on the mat. The referee, looking confused, hands Randy Orton the WWE Championship, but another referee comes out and takes the belt away and gives to Bryan. Back and forth the referees go as the show goes off the air. Ending the match in a draw would make the storyline even more interesting than it is with Orton and Bryan having their final encounter at the Hell in a Cell PPV for the Vacated WWE Championship.

Prediction: Draw

What are your WWE Battleground Predictions? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!