Adam wilkinson

Who Should Sheamus Face When He Returns?

As we all know, Sheamus suffered a hematoma on his left thigh at Money in the Bank in July after he took a bad landing off the ladder by RVD. Sheamus, however, returned to action and competed on RAW the next week. On August 7, confirmed that Sheamus suffered a torn labrum in his shoulder that would require surgery, and would be out of action for 4-6 months.

PWInsider previously reported that there have been talk of Sheamus returning as a heel. So, here are a list of guys who I think Sheamus should square off with when he returns:

4. Brock Lesnar: I honestly think these two guys would put on one hell of a fight.. I see this match happening at either Mania 30 or SummerSlam (2014) if of course The Rock decides not to return yet again. These two guys kind of have the same personality as Brock Lesnar is a Beast who likes to kick ass and Sheamus is a babyface who loves to fight. I think size doesn't matter in this match, as we saw an amazing match between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam this year.

3. The Real Americans: Sheamus' last match on TV was against Swagger on Main Event and it would make sense if he came back to feud with him and Cesaro. Since Sheamus is technically not born in the USA, Zeb Colter should say that Sheamus is not allowed in this country and should go back to Ireland, where he came from. I think this should be a good rivalry as Sheamus and Cesaro put on a decent match on Main Event a couple of months ago.

2. Daniel Bryan: As I mentioned above, There has been talk of Sheamus returning as a heel and what a better way than to make him feud with the most over guy in WWE. Remember, These guys feud in early 2012 with Sheamus defeating Bryan in 18 Seconds for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 28 and they would later go on to have a fantastic 2 out of 3 falls match at Extreme Rules. Sheamus should bring up the WrestleMania 28 incident to gain some heel heat from the crowd. With the roles reversed, I think this could be a great rivalry!

1. CM Punk: These two guys were the main champions in 2012 with Sheamus being World Heavyweight Champion for the SmackDown brand and CM Punk being WWE Champion for the RAW brand. Sheamus should say that he has watched CM Punk steal everybody's spotlight while he was gone and it was time for someone to do something about it. He should go on and say that Punk calling himself the Best in the World just because he held the title for 434 days is stupid. CM Punk comes out and says that he has done a lot more than Sheamus has done in his career and unlike him, he didn't suck up to Triple H to get to the top, thus making Sheamus angry. Sheamus says Punk better watch his mouth or he's gonna pay for it. Punk says he ain't afraid of Sheamus and challenges him to a match, which Sheamus accepts.

Who do you think Sheamus should face when he returns? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!