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The Undertaker vs CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29 is set. On April 7th, just four more weeks, we see CM Punk battle The Undertaker.

CM Punk lost at the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber against The Rock. There is a great chance that he will lose at Wrestlemania, considering The Undertaker's streak. What doe they need to do with CM Punk from here on to Wrestlemania? That is simple, win.

CM Punk is very strong on the microphone. I think he has gotten a little more aggressive ever since he lost the title to The Rock. This is perfect. He is really good at making people angry. A prime example is on Raw Old School when he said that the people took the WWE title away from him, so in return, he will take the streak away from the people.

If you want this story to sell more, I think that it would be best to put CM Punk in four more matches on Raw, maybe some on Smackdown. These opponents need to be some of the Wrestlemania opponents he lost to, and some of the strongest wrestlers we have in the WWE right now. He needs to win all of his matches and cut very strong promos from here on out to make himself look stronger going into Wrestlemania.

We only have four more episodes of Raw and Smackdown until Wrestlemania 29. It is crunch time for every story line and match that the WWE is going to set up and this match alone needs to be well thought out. If the WWE is going to have The Undertaker go 21-0, and CM Punk is promising to end the streak, we need to see a winning streak and strong promos with CM Punk. They can not make him look weak, especially after the last two pay per views.
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If he could face a bunch of taker's old wm opponents and win cleanly against them all (except show, that's not believable) and cut a promo after every win.
  • March 8, 2013
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Justin Barr
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