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PG Era: The Death of Pro Wrestling

PG Era: The Death of Pro Wrestling

By: Vincent Squitieri

I am pretty positive when I say that pro wrestling is not what it used to be. When I sit and watch today’s product it has me sitting there wondering “What has happened to the wrestling I grew up with”? Now I understand that with the changing of time the product must be fresh so you do not lose your viewers and it is understandable because everything on television is about ratings. Speaking of ratings let’s take a trip down memory lane and discuss for a second about the infamous Monday night wars.

The Monday night wars defined a generation of pro wrestling and also helped usher in an era which is known as the attitude era. The wars helped ratings for both wcw and wwe but, also made talent put a little more of themselves into their character. Ultimately in the end WWE would win the war. I will give credit to WCW because they hung in their with the power Mongols in Connecticut.

The wars have ended at a clear winner was determined. WWE won and it definitely showed in their product. It went from the cartoonish characters to a more edgy a more realistic product. The product that was being broadcasted throughout millions of televisions nationwide had something we could all relate to. You had boss vs. employee (Austin vs. McMahon), Brother vs. Brother (Kane vs. Undertaker) and one of the most infamous groups in the history of pro wrestling Degeneration X. It connected with the crowd. It made you want to tune next week to either see what antics degeneration x was up to or how was Austin going to make McMahon mad.
Fast forward to 2013 and we as fans get what is called the “PG Era”. It is not like it used to be. The matches are becoming more predictable and we are forced to sit through the same ppv main events i.e. “Twice in a Life Time”: Cena vs. Rock. What happen to the product that had us as fans on the edge of our seat? If WWE does not change with the times like they did before soon then I am sorry to say this but The “PG Era” will be the death of pro wrestling.

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